“The Only Person That I Really Hate Is Probably Nas” [Video]

“The Only Person That I Really Hate Is Probably Nas” [Video]

G-Unit’s DJ Whoo Kid recently offered his take on rap beefs and why despite the media hype nothing usually surfaces from rappers publicly going at one another.

Although Whoo Kid feels beef-free, he did admit to not liking rap veteran Nas.

“The only person that I really hate is probably Nas but it’s some fake hate. It’s not even real hate. I just hate him for no reason. That’s what hip-hop beef is about. You beef for nothing. [Rick] Ross is no beef. He shops at the same Kid Robot store that I get my toys from. So it’s not like there’s beef. I don’t even know why we’re fighting — hip-hop [has] unnecessary beef but it’s good for us. We love it, it’s funny and usually motherf*ckers will never confront each other. Guaranteed. It’s not [late rappers] Biggie and 2Pac. That’s real sh*t — all this other sh*t is WWF [wrestling].” (Hip Hop Beef)

Last year, Whoo Kid talked to SOHH and said one of his biggest regrets was not hitting up Nas after publicly taunting him on his Shade 45 radio show.

“I would say me dissing Nas was probably one of my biggest regrets. But you want to know what it is, this guy really can’t take a joke. I think he thinks I’m serious but I was really joking and society made it serious [when I said him declining to appear on my Shade 45 show was ‘p*ssy.’] I mostly regret not calling him and letting him know that it was a joke. But at the end of the day, he got me pissed off too because I went through a lot. I get hooked up on everything I do and I’ve been in this game for so many years, so when you get a close connect to him to ask a question and he still says no, it’s just mind-boggling. And what I needed from him was really nothing. I really knew him all the way before the sh*t [with him and 50 Cent]. I knew him way before anything.” (SOHH Guest Star)

In 2009, the comedic deejay opened up about Nas turning him down for an interview.

“I respect Nas and all the sh*t he’s done,” Kid explained. “But personally, what he did to me was p*ssy. It was a p*ssy thing — I was telling [Rick Ross’ baby’s mother] Tia that [Nas stood me up], but the [online video footage] kept that. He refused to come on my show because of 50 Cent and he told my boy that. And my boy, I had my boy, I could understand if your A&R is playing around with me like ‘I don’t want to come to your show blah blah blah’ but I had my boy personally go ask him and he personally said ‘Nah I can’t do it man, I just can’t do it.’ Well you know everybody on my show, I really wanted Nas on my show. I was with him even before the It Was Written and crap like, when he was beefing with Jay-Z I was there. I bought him the bean pie and all that stuff. If it wasn’t for that beef with Jay-Z, he would not be who he is today. That was the personal anger that I had to put out there. But other than that, I’m not dissing Nas.” (True Stories TV)

Outside of Nas, Whoo Kid recently co-signed Lil Wayne and Jay-Z engaging in a lyrical rap battle.

“Hip-hop needs this little, like, lyrical war,” Whoo Kid said when asked for his opinion on Jay-Z and Lil Wayne going at one another. I think, some people think it’s stupid but we need stuff like this to get the hype back in hip-hop because Nas and Jay-Z [beefing in 2001] was historical and then it blew both of them back up so I think this would be kind of cool. And then Lil Wayne was a little lyrical in whatever he said so I think Jay-Z should come back and both of them have good albums. So it’s not like two wack albums going against each other.” (E! Online)

Check out DJ Whoo Kid’s interview below:

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