The Nominees For Blogger Of the Year State Their Claim

Blogger of the Year

With voting for the Online Hip-Hop Awards in full swing, SOHH caught up with some of the nominees for “Blogger of the Year” to find out why they think they deserve to win.

“When I met the late Pimp C, he was full of ideas and gave me lots of inspiration,” said Chris, the proprietor of, one of the nominees for the top blogger award. “He had always talked about wanting to make a hip-hop-themed social networking website. After he passed away, I decided to try and realize his dream in a way.”

Last spring, Chris and his business partners launched their hip-hop blog in Pimp C’s honor.  Though KeepItTrill has only been in existence for a short time, its audience has grown and now the site has been nominated for two Online Hip-Hop Awards, Music Lover Blog of The Year and Blogger of the Year.
“I feel that we should win blogger of the year because our site is so diverse,” he said. “We do not only report the latest news in hip-hop, but we also post the latest music for download, latest videos and have an interactive forum for our regulars. We post lots and lots of information to keep hip-hop lovers informed, no matter what region of the country they live in.”
But Chris and his KeepItTrill crew aren’t the only nominees in the Blogger of the Year category who offer their users lots of great content. Bloggers from prominent hip-hop blogs Bossip, NahRight, SOHH Atlanta and are also competing.
Gyant who writes’s SOHH Atlanta blog was elated to learn that he’d become an official nominee in the category. “It’s been a hard journey, it’s been hard work but it’s great to finally get acknowledged for all of my blogging skills.”

“I think I should take home the award because no one does it like me,” he continued.  “Everyone can have their opinions about Gyant being this or Gyant being that but nobody puts in the work that I do.  This is not a game.  This is not playtime for me.  This is for real hard work. I put in 18 hours a day, I’m willing to go places that most people aren’t willing to go. If it’s midnight or if it’s 2 a.m., whatever time it is I’m always available and always ready to go out and get that story. No disrespect to any of the people in my category but nobody does it like me.”

Kevin Nottingham is a working professional in his mid-30s who struggles to juggle his blog, his full-time job and his family responsibilities. Like Gyant, he is happy to be gaining recognition for his hard work.
“Blogging ain’t easy and is definitely a full time job,” he confessed. “It has its stressful moments and there have been plenty of times that I’ve thought about throwing in the hat.  This nomination definitely makes it worthy and pushes me to keep going.”
Voting for the 2008 Online Hip-Hop is open until November 20th. Cast your ballot here.

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