“The LOX Are Not Beefing With Ruff Ryders Or Interscope Records”

“The LOX Are Not Beefing With Ruff Ryders Or Interscope Records”

After recently revealing The LOX are still under contract with Interscope Records, Sheek Louch has cleared the air to ensure fans do not assume a beef is being cooked up.

Louch said the group’s forthcoming, currently-untitled album is being delayed due to legal issues.

“We’re ready to put that pen to work to get it popping and do what we do. People that made offers to the group such as Diddy agreed to our terms. Diddy was like, ‘Yeah, we can do that dollar amount.’ It’s just that Ruff Ryders and Interscope, who we’re currently signed to have things at a standstill on the business side. Neither side is willing to budge on their respective percentages, so the lawyers have to deal with that in order for things to happen. Please make no mistake, The LOX are not beefing with Ruff Ryders or Interscope Records whatsoever. However, we are ready to move on and do this project. The people want it and I feel it’s important for the LOX to come out right now.” (XXL Mag)

Last month, Sheek revealed that his crew were still under contract with Interscope.

“The Lox want to leave our current label home Interscope,” explains Sheek of the current status of the group, whose last studio group release was 2000’s We Are The Streets. “We are trying to move on, but unfortunately, the label doesn’t want to let us go. We talked to Puff about coming back to Bad Boy; we gave him our counter offer and he said, ‘Yes.’ But it’s up to him to convince [Interscope head] Jimmy Iovine and Ruff Ryders to let go of their shares so we can move on. We are stuck in that position. As far as [Jadakiss], myself and Styles, we are ready for a new deal. We are good with Diddy…he has agreed with what we are looking for as far as financially and everything. Other labels are also throwing offers at us to make a LOX reunion album happen. But it’s really about our lawyers moving everybody out the way and making a deal happen.” (VIBE)

In September, Jada said business conflicts halted their LP’s release.

“I’m very confident,” Jada said referring to an upcoming LOX album dropping next year. “It’s just the business. Getting the music done is the easy part but the whole chambers of, we haven’t dropped an album in 10 years, contracts is like crazy, the whole industry is different. And then the publishing situation, it’s a lot of things like that that people don’t know about that we’re trying to make right before we actually go all the way out and finish up the album.” (Karen Civil)

Last June, Styles P said the crew was working on the album and their own separate projects.

“We working on the LOX right now and all the solos at once — Sheek solo, my solo, ‘Kiss solo, mixtapes. That’s our plan for the summer right now,” he said. “Since we all in the lab, we going in. Now that we all there at the same time, it brings better energy and better thoughts. Even while I’m working on my solo, I like that input: ‘All right, P, go here with it’ or ‘go there with it.’ ‘You should do that kinda song.’ I was in a Louch session the other day, and somebody was there for beats for him; he got two beats for me. It wasn’t nothing there for him in the beat session, but he heard two beats he knew I would like and go in on. It makes for a better energy and better fit. We just working and making our legacy grow. LOX forever.” (MTV)

Check out Styles P speaking on LOX below:

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