“The Hackers Made Me Change My Twitter Page & Took My Baby’s Picture”

“The Hackers Made Me Change My Twitter Page & Took My Baby’s Picture”

[With hip-hop artists’ social media pages being compromised left and right, it turns out former Cash Money Records stud Turk recently felt the wrath of hackers. Today, the New Orleans native speaks to SOHH readers about his social media habits and where you can get @ him from now on.]

I don’t even know who’s hacking into my Twitter page. I was verified. I had been verified for a couple of months, Twitter verified me and my movement was going and everyone was supporting me. The way Twitter does the verification, you can’t call them or tell them to verify you, I guess they monitor to see.

I don’t know what happened after that, if people got jealous and tried to stop my movement or what. Or maybe they were just obsessed with Turk and wanted to see what Turk’s world’s like. Once they got into my Twitter page, they had my e-mails, my bookings for my shows and my features, they were sending out e-mails to people for $1,900 saying that I was stranded on a camping or hiking trip, I lost my wallet and I would give them the money back.

They were sending direct messages to the people that follow me on Twitter and all kinds of stuff. It was crazy. The hackers made me change my Twitter page to @HotBoyTurk32. I had got 2,000 followers in less than a week because people are seeing it’s really me.

I’ve been tweeting and retweeting and even putting Instagram videos out showing that I’ve been hacked. The hackers even changed the name and took my baby’s picture. Only thing they didn’t have on the page was the verification mark but they had all of my followers and were smooth with the details.

It’s all good. God is going to work everything out. I keep him first. Can’t nobody do anything to me and based on the way things are going, when you have a movement that’s so powerful, you’re going to have people knock your down. As long as you stay focused, you can’t go wrong.

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