The Game Talks Rick Ross Alliance, “It Ain’t Got Nothing To Do W/ 50 Cent” [Audio]

The Game Talks Rick Ross Alliance, “It Ain’t Got Nothing To Do W/ 50 Cent” [Audio]

Former G-Unit member The Game recently spoke on his affiliation with Rick Ross and what his partnership with the “Boss” represents.

Speaking via a phone interview, the rapper said he has not chosen sides.

“Me and Rick, it ain’t got nothing to do with 50 and all that sh*t,” Game explained. “I ain’t even on 50 like that anymore. That’s why when he put out his little diss song, he left me out. If you see now, when 50 talk, when he do his sh*t, he leave me outta that ’cause he know. He know my rap is crazy. I ain’t pick no sides in the Rick Ross/50 beef. I mean like me, I’m about hip-hop these days. So you know, Rick Ross is my n*gga, 50 used to be my n*gga. I ain’t even mad at him no more. So who knows what that relationship will turn out to be or it might be dead until the end of time. But I ain’t closing out nothing ’cause the green dollar set me on a whole ‘nother path.” (MTV)

Ross recently had a song leaked reportedly called “Head of Florida” which puts down Fif while bigging up Game.

“Walkin’ in water, covered in ice,” Ross rapped. “I f*cks pianos, I rape the drums/I kiss the mic, hits make me come/Bricks make me come from the tip of my tongue/Baby girl drippin’ like the clip from my gun/I am the truth, brand new coupe/Running place take you straight back to Martin Luther roots…Held as a Boss, nailed to the cross/Rose from the dead…No need for all black, I can be in all peach and wack me a Curtis Jack…Governor of Florida, one terms’ twice/I f*cks with Game, me and Blood the same/I became his fan when he threw away the chain.” (“Head of Florida”)

Aside from appearing on Ross’ “Mafia Music” remix, Game recently dissed G-Unit at a concert earlier this year.

“Put this sh*t on World Star Hip Hop,” he told an audience. “Eh yo, pull out your motherf*cing cameras and press record on them b*tches and upload this sh*t to World Star n*gga. It’s f*ck G-Unit and that’s what the f*ck it’s gonna be ’til the day I go out…I don’t give a f*ck what that n*gga going through with Rick Ross, I ain’t Rick Ross. I’m the motherf*cking king.” (Black Wall Street)

He also revealed his admiration for Fif’s marketing skills in a recent interview.

Nobody can stop my shine, you can’t do nothin’ about me man,” Game said about 50. “‘300 Bars’ solidifed the death of them n*ggas man and we been f*cking stomping on they graves ever since. Like I said years ago on SmackDVD, Young Buck was getting out, next is Lloyd Banks…I ain’t talked to 50 in like three, four years. I don’t know man, let homie get his money. He got his G-Unit sh*ts I be hearing in the club sometimes. Those la-di da-di sh*ts. They b*tches be dancing, the n*ggas be partying, if the beat is hot I’ll dance. 50, get your money n*gga, I ain’t hating…I got ThisIzGame, everything that n*gga do I’m on that n*gga head. Whatever he do, he can come with 50RunsTheWorld I’m coming out with GameRunsTheWorld. I’m on that n*gga’s a** man. [G-Unit’s music] is straight a**. You seen like Deelishis a** and Buffy a**, that sh*t is a** music. That’s what them n*ggas should call it, a** music.” (SmackDVD)

Check out The Game’s interview below:

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