The Game Searches For Inspiration, New Album “Ain’t Really Got No Concept” [Video]

The Game Searches For  Inspiration, New Album “Ain’t Really Got No Concept” [Video]

The Game recently began talks of a new album but informed fans that the project is still in its early stages and without complete direction.

Keeping details to a minimum, Game promised an album was being crafted and said he might have struck a positive note while recording in the Big Apple.

“I don’t really, uh, nothing really,” Game said about his album’s details. “I’m working on album number four, ain’t really got no concept or nothin’ yet. I’m just startin’ it out. I did a couple records in New York that I really like a lot but not ’til I get back to Cali on Monday is when I’m really gonna go in.” (Guerrilla Journalism)

Game killed rumors of LAX being his final solo project earlier this year.

“I’m on tour right now stackin’ my paper,” Game said in an interview. “Yeah, I ain’t retiring man, I gotta work on my album man. I gotta keep giving the people, you know, the gangsta sh*t, straight outta Compton, four albums in, come this September or something like that. I’ma drop some new heat. I even got an album title.” (Wild 101.1)

He also revealed his album plans at a California concert last February.

“I love y’all, I swear to God I love y’all,” Game told fans at a recent concert. “I’m not gonna lie, I’m in the studio working on my fourth album.” “I ain’t finished a show out in Cali in how long,” he told another set of fans at a different performance. “I’ve been in the f*cking house trying to stay the f*ck outta trouble, get my probation right. I even grew out a f*cking beard like Rick Ross. Did I say Rick Ross? I’m sorry 50 [Cent], I didn’t mean that. I didn’t mean to say Rick Ross. I don’t wanna say Rick Ross, 50 might get mad at me.” (World Star Hip Hop)

Game recently made headlines after being named in Snoop Dogg‘s $22 million assault lawsuit which reportedly stemmed from a 2005 incident.

Snoop, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, said that he feared for his life when Richard Monroe, who’s suing the rapper for $22 million, hopped onstage–only to be swarmed by Snoop’s bodyguards and other rappers, including fellow Los Angeles-area native The Game. He has no idea who hit Monroe, Snoop said, adding that he only witnessed the fight for a moment before his security team whisked him to safety. He once considered suing Monroe for attacking him, he said. (E! Online)

Check out Game talking about his album and video game skills below:

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