The Game Promises Beef-Free New LP, “What Do You Talk About After 3 Albums?”

The Game Promises Beef-Free New LP, “What Do You Talk About After 3 Albums?”

The Game recently announced the title of his forthcoming LP, The R.E.D. Album, and explained why he’s now looking to touch on topics outside of rap beefs.

In addition to speaking on the project’s title, Game promised his focus would remain on the music.

The R.E.D. Album, people think the R.E.D. stands for gangbanging,” he said. “I am what I am. … R.E.D.? That’s rededicated. Rededicated to hip-hop … to my ‘hood, Compton. Rededicated to my family, rededicated to everything…It’s a step up…it’s a little soulful…I was wondering to myself how I’m gonna elevate myself and even change the field. Three albums, what do you talk about after three albums? I ain’t selling crack and gangbanging and shooting sh*t up. My beefs have been down low. So what do you really talk about? I just wanna rap, man. I just wanna do music. Whatever it turns out to be, it turns out to be…I’m just gonna rap this time.” (MTV)

The West Coast-bred emcee recently admitted the project was in its early stages.

“I don’t really, uh, nothing really,” Game said about his album’s details earlier this month. “I’m working on album number four, ain’t really got no concept or nothin’ yet. I’m just startin’ it out. I did a couple records in New York that I really like a lot but not ’til I get back to Cali on Monday is when I’m really gonna go in.” (Guerrilla Journalism)

Game stopped rumors of LAX being his final solo project earlier this year.

“I’m on tour right now stackin’ my paper,” Game said in an interview. “Yeah, I ain’t retiring man, I gotta work on my album man. I gotta keep giving the people, you know, the gangsta sh*t, straight outta Compton, four albums in, come this September or something like that. I’ma drop some new heat. I even got an album title.” (Wild 101.1)

He recently addressed moving past his post-beef with 50 Cent, however, Game said he continues to monitor Fif’s business moves.

“I ain’t talked to 50 in like three, four years,” he said in an on-street interview. “I don’t know man, let homie get his money. He got his G-Unit sh*ts I be hearing in the club sometimes. Those la-di da-di sh*ts. The b*tches be dancing, the n*ggas be partying, if the beat is hot I’ll dance. 50, get your money n*gga, I ain’t hating…I got ThisIzGame, everything that n*gga do I’m on that n*gga head. Whatever he do, he can come with 50RunsTheWorld I’m coming out with GameRunsTheWorld. I’m on that n*gga’s a** man.” (Smack DVD)

A release date for Game’ fourth solo project has not yet been announced.

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