The Game Hits Studio For “R.E.D.” LP, “About To Sell Another Milli Like The N*gga W/ The Dreadlocks” [Video]

The Game Hits Studio For “R.E.D.” LP, “About To Sell Another Milli Like The N*gga W/ The Dreadlocks” [Video]

Black Wall Street leader The Game‘s recent studio sessions for his upcoming The R.E.D. Album has landed online and gives viewers a feel of the new project.

While the album’s track title has yet to be revealed, the song features an R&B chorus.

“Look, riding through New York, Boston Red Sox, uhh, I’m about to kill this sh*t,” Game said in a video. “Drop top rose phantom, call it a headshot/Back up in this b*tch like a red dot. About to sell another milli like the n*gga with the dreadlocks/VIP, that’s me, call the waitress before I get there/Have a top model chick taste it/Patron fountain…Haters don’t want it with the young Don P/From the back of the club to the front with his whole army.” (HazeTV)

In addition to his album, Game recently promised to release a wave of new mixtapes this summer.

The Game is in L.A. right now, working on The R.E.D. Album with Cool & Dre. Although a release date has not been set, The Game will release unofficial projects this summer. “This summer, it ain’t a n*gga that’s gonna out-mixtape me,” Game said in an interview. “I’m dropping a mixtape every week. It ain’t gonna be like no bullsh*t mixtape sh*t. I’m dropping mixtapes that sound better than people’s albums. The first one is gonna be the Bloody Thumb with the red thumb print on the front.” (MTV)

He will also make his first United Kingdom performance since last December this summer.

The Game returns to the UK with three live dates confirmed across the country. His albums have sold a total of half a million In the UK, and netted him worldwide sales of seven million. The Game toured the UK last year and returns for the following shows: Tuesday, July 14 O2 Academy, Leeds. Wednesday July 15 O2 Academy, Liverpool. Thursday, July 16 O2 Academy, Bristol. Tickets are priced and available beginning Friday (May 22). (eGigs)

Game recently dropped his autotune-based track “NBA2K10″ last week.

“So amazing, undefeated, who can see him, who can beat him/Nobody, ’cause he’s the champion/I’m a legend, I’m the greatest/Many tried but they couldn’t fade me/She got me ’cause I’m the champion/Take my time and the victory will be mine/I reigned supreme, never dreamed about being nothing less/On the court in a jersey tangled inside the Nets/Pace yourself, start chasing the Bucks/If you can bypass the moon like a Rocket/Everything ain’t pocket/D12 whistlin’/Chromed out engine/Oiled up Pistons, rough around the edge/Who got the Clippers, they do my fade Magic/Like Washington Wizards, so drop the top and spread my wings like a Hawk/Nuggets in my ear, spinnin’ Spurs when you walk/One thing about me, never been all talk/Finish around the basket, half-man half-Maverick.” (“NBA2K10″)

Check out Game in the studio below:

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