The Game Follows 50 Cent’s Footsteps, “I’m On That N*gga’s A**” [Video]

The Game Follows 50 Cent’s Footsteps, “I’m On That N*gga’s A**” [Video]

Former G-Unit member The Game recently spoke on his admiration for ex-boss 50 Cent and described the numerous ways the Forbes-lister has inspired him.

Along with describing how he destroyed G-Unit, Game talked about his hate and love relationship with Fif.

“Nobody can stop my shine, you can’t do nothin’ about me man,” Game said about 50. “‘300 Bars’ solidifed the death of them n*ggas man and we been f*cking stomping on they graves ever since. Like I said years ago on SmackDVD, Young Buck was getting out, next is Lloyd Banks…I ain’t talked to 50 in like three, four years. I don’t know man, let homie get his money. He got his G-Unit sh*ts I be hearing in the club sometimes. Those la-di da-di sh*ts. They b*tches be dancing, the n*ggas be partying, if the beat is hot I’ll dance. 50, get your money n*gga, I ain’t hating…I got ThisIzGame, everything that n*gga do I’m on that n*gga head. Whatever he do, he can come with 50RunsTheWorld I’m coming out with GameRunsTheWorld. I’m on that n*gga’s a** man. [G-Unit’s music] is straight a**. You seen like Deelishis a** and Buffy a**, that sh*t is a** music. That’s what them n*ggas should call it, a** music.” (SmackDVD)

Despite Game’s predictions of Banks leaving G-Unit, the rapper recently talked about his role in Fif’s rap group.

“I have the Lloyd Banks branding and also the G-Unit branding,” he explained. “It hasn’t really been an artist out there independent that is still capable of getting out there and regenerating energy. Most of the [well-established] artists that’s independent, it’s after they dropped seven or eight albums on a major. I have two albums off a major, and everybody is anticipating what I’m doing now off of the mixtapes.” (MTV)

The West Coast emcee dished out his anti-G-Unit association at a concert earlier this year.

“Put this sh*t on World Star Hip Hop,” he told an audience. “Eh yo, pull out your motherf*cing cameras and press record on them b*tches and upload this sh*t to World Star n*gga. It’s f*ck G-Unit and that’s what the f*ck it’s gonna be ’til the day I go out…I don’t give a f*ck what that n*gga going through with Rick Ross, I ain’t Rick Ross. I’m the motherf*cking king.” (Black Wall Street)

Game’s run with the Unit ended around February 2005.

A 24-year-old man who police have identified as Kevin Reed of Compton, California, was hospitalized after a shooting outside the offices of New York radio station Hot 97 on Monday night. Although police have not confirmed many details, a source close to the investigation said the incident occurred at around the time 50 Cent was making an appearance at the radio station to announce that the Game had been booted from the G-Unit. Police said Reed is expected to recover. (SOHH)

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