The Game Associate Kills G-Unit Reunion Rumors, “Game Won’t Be A Part Of It” [Audio]

The Game Associate Kills G-Unit Reunion Rumors, “Game Won’t Be A Part Of It” [Audio]

Black Wall Street producer Nu Jerzey Devil recently addressed reports of The Game and G-Unit reuniting and promised a reunion between both camps would “never” take place.

While saying he could not speak on former Unit member Young Buck‘s behalf, the producer-turned-rapper said Game would have no part in a possible reunion.

“Never,” Devil said in a phone interview. “Never. I mean, I don’t know, I can’t speak on them but I know Game won’t be a part of it but if they want to do their little G-Unit [reunion] without Game maybe that’s something possible. But as far as Game being in it? Never. You know what I mean?” (Champ Magazine)

Reports circulated online earlier this year of the entire G-Unit past roster, including Game and Buck, would make a comeback together.

I am hearing there may be a G-Unit reunion in the summer of 2010. This is Young Buck, The Game, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo. Sound implausible, eh? But The Game has noted in a few interviews that he’s not warring with 50 like that anymore and the also noted that there have been instances were 50 Cent didn’t diss him. Remember, when Game had the chance to go super hard at 50 with Rick Ross – he didn’t. (All Hip Hop Rumors)

Despite initially siding with 50 in his rap beef with Rick Ross, Game publicly noted his differences with G-Unit at a concert earlier this year.

“Put this sh*t on World Star Hip Hop,” he told an audience. “Eh yo, pull out your motherf*cing cameras and press record on them b*tches and upload this sh*t to World Star n*gga. It’s f*ck G-Unit and that’s what the f*ck it’s gonna be ’til the day I go out…I don’t give a f*ck what that n*gga going through with Rick Ross, I ain’t Rick Ross. I’m the motherf*cking king.” (Black Wall Street)

Game’s run with the Unit ended around February 2005.

A 24-year-old man who police have identified as Kevin Reed of Compton, California, was hospitalized after a shooting outside the offices of New York radio station Hot 97 on Monday night. Although police have not confirmed many details, a source close to the investigation said the incident occurred at around the time 50 Cent was making an appearance at the radio station to announce that the Game had been booted from the G-Unit. Police said Reed is expected to recover. (MTV News)

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