The-Dream Is All For Christina Millian Going Nude, “It’s All Artistic Expression”

The-Dream Is All For Christina Millian Going Nude, “It’s All Artistic Expression”

R&B singer The-Dream has said he would not mind if his wife/singer, Christina Millian, wanted to perform a nude artistic video like Erykah Badu‘s controversial “Window Seat.”

According to Dream, people tend to be insecure about anything outside of the norm.

“I’d be like ‘Go ahead,'” Dream said referring to his approval. “It’s all artistic expression. If we lived in Africa, our a**es would be out all the time. We’re conditioned people, so our minds are in such a crazy position. Someone told on the radio, ‘Man you curse on your records. I can’t take my kids to your concert.’ And he was like, ‘What you talking ’bout? Everybody curse.’ Which I thought was funny because, yeah you could bleep it out, but all you’re saying is you know it’s bad and you’re just trying to hide the word, when everyone knows what it is.” (VIBE)

Dream and Millian recently welcomed a newborn baby into their lives.

Christina Milian has something to sing about. The actress-singer delivered her first child with husband The-Dream on Feb. 26, reports. Baby Violet will be the fourth child for The-Dream, 31, who already has three kids with his ex-wife. (New York Daily News)

Dream compared his upcoming music retirement to former NBA superstar Michael Jordan‘s back in 2003 last month.

“It’s the last album, period,” he said in an interview. “I really would like it to be the last one if I could — in a perfect world…In the back of my mind, I’m thinking a fighter fights. You don’t retire on top. [Michael] Jordan didn’t retire on top. I’m not saying I’m the best [like him], but I’m the best at what I can do. And I can stop now and say, ‘This album is pretty good.'” (MTV)

Last January, Dream said his new album outmatches his previous efforts.

LoveKing is the best of the Three albums And Its FINISHED!,” he wrote regarding his final album, Saturday (January 16) morning. “Pre-Order and buy from a brand you can Trust! Radiokilla Records.” (The-Dream’s Twitter)

Check out some recent The-Dream footage down below:

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