The-Dream Clarifies “Retirement” Confusion, Says 4th Album Not Confirmed

The-Dream Clarifies “Retirement” Confusion, Says 4th Album Not Confirmed

Grammy-nominated singer The-Dream has closed the doors on retirement rumors and said che may consider recording a fourth solo album.

The R&B hitmaker also addressed a recent Twitter message from his account that sparked rumors of a fourth effort.

Dream also addressed rumors of a fourth record in the works that sprang after he tweeted on March 27, “Love/Affair?” “We was having a conversation in the studio, about how if I would do another album, I would name it Love/Affair. Funny thing is, my computer was open and someone else typed it in. They put it in with a question mark and I was like ‘Why did you do that? They’re going to think it was me,'” he says. “I would have a big chance of wanting to do one if I was able to turn it into a movie like Purple Rain. Nobody wants to see someone do another album just lyrically based. When I’m telling a story, I’d much rather have someone see it,” he says. “But I don’t even know if I’m going to do Love/Affair. If I can do the movie then Love/Affair would be the soundtrack to that movie.” (VIBE)

Dream compared his retirement to former NBA superstar Michael Jordan‘s back in 2003 last month.

“It’s the last album, period,” he said in an interview. “I really would like it to be the last one if I could — in a perfect world…In the back of my mind, I’m thinking a fighter fights. You don’t retire on top. [Michael] Jordan didn’t retire on top. I’m not saying I’m the best [like him], but I’m the best at what I can do. And I can stop now and say, ‘This album is pretty good.'” (MTV)

Last January, Dream said the new album outmatches his previous efforts.

LoveKing is the best of the Three albums And Its FINISHED!,” he wrote regarding his final album, Saturday (January 16) morning. “Pre-Order and buy from a brand you can Trust! Radiokilla Records.” (The-Dream’s Twitter)

Over the summer, he detailed why a third solo project would be his final.

“I’m almost finished with Love/King,” Dream revealed in an interview. “It’s the third album and my final album, actually. I’m not doing an album after that. I’ve accomplished what I’ve accomplished. I feel like I’d rather kill The-Dream than somebody else kill me. So that’s the big headline there, killing The-Dream…It’s over with, so nobody has to worry about ‘Has he lost it,’ ‘When’s it gonna drop,’ ‘Where’s it at.’ I’m giving you the last record ’cause I said it was the last record before you telling me which one is the last record. I’ll just tell you.” (The Hip Hop Chronicle)

Check out some recent The-Dream footage down below:

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