The Clipse’s Pusha T On Shyne, “We Reached Out To Him For ‘Hell Hath No Fury'” [Audio]

The Clipse’s Pusha T On Shyne, “We Reached Out To Him For ‘Hell Hath No Fury'” [Audio]

As the rap community continues to anticipate the return of Shyne, The Clipse‘s Pusha T spoke with SOHH about how the former  Bad Boy protege was initially slated to appear on their sophomore album Hell Hath No Fury.

Revealing his excitement to see Shyne return to the microphone after eight years behind bars, Pusha also described his desire to collaborate with the rapper.

“October 6th I hear, I hear [laughs],” Pusha jokingly confirmed. “I want a feature, I want a feature, I want a feature, I want a feature. Period. When the reports talked about Shyne coming home — we reached out to Shyne for Hell Hath No Fury, early. We reached out to [Jive Records executive] Mark Pitts, we reached out to Shyne early. And I think, you know, we had communication with all them and that’s why The Clipse got a shout-out in, what was that, Godfather Buried Alive? So I-want-a-feature-when-you-get-home! I been supporting you, I been everything. We’ve been riding around listening to Shyne, we never stopped. It never stops, Shyne is the man.” (SOHH)

According to Shyne’s uncle, Michael Finnegan, the rapper may be deported back to his country of origin, Belize.

“He has been released from the prison and he is being attended to or being held by the immigration authorities,” Finnegan said in an interview. “The matter will be dealt with by a well known immigration lawyer and he is being supported by Professor Overtree, you know the guy that was connected to the Barack Obama campaign, well known professor, and as I understand from them while I was there yesterday, the process would want to appear to be looking kind of positive. But as a family we are not over, we don’t want to be too confident because any number can play once you’re dealing with court matters.” (7 News Belize)

Shyne’s laywer, Oscar Michelen, also gave an update on his status yesterday (October 7).

Michelen stated that Shyne wants to remain in the U.S.A. and his family has hired immigration lawyers in New York to try and ensure that he remains there. Shyne reportedly has a “green card”, or permanent residence in the U.S. but never acquired U.S. nationality. (Belizean)

While early reports said Shyne was freed Tuesday (October 6), he is now reportedly being examined by immigration officials.

Shyne, convicted of a club shooting while mentor P. Diddy beat the rap, was released from prison Tuesday and taken into custody by immigration officials. The 30 year-old ex-protege has a green card but is facing deportation to his native Belize because of his felony rap sheet, his lawyer said. The performer’s lawyer, Oscar Michelen, said his client “is anxious to get released.” “He is looking forward to seeing his family and being able to be free to do what he wants to do,” he said. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman Mike Gilhooly would only say that Shyne was in custody for being in violation of U.S. immigration law.” (New York Daily News)

Check out Pusha T speaking with SOHH about Shyne below:

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