The Clipse’s Pusha T Hints At G.O.O.D. Music Deal, “Hawaii Is A Nice Place, Good Music Is Made Down There”

The Clipse’s Pusha T Hints At G.O.O.D. Music Deal, “Hawaii Is A Nice Place, Good Music Is Made Down There”

The Clipse‘s Pusha T has raised the radar of music fans by hinting at a possible association with Kanye West‘s G.O.O.D. Music family of artists including Kid Cudi and Common.

Explaining why he has decided to drop his Fear of God mixtape on Yeezy’s upcoming September 14th “G.O.O.D. Music Day,” Pusha slyly worded his response and referenced the rapper’s renowned Hawaii stomping ground.

“That’s just a good day,” Pusha said in an interview. “A great day for music, but it’s a ‘good’ day. I mean, you know. I been to Hawaii. Hawaii is a nice place. Good music is made down there, ya know. So, yeah, I was there. I can’t say too much about that. I think everybody’s gonna be in for a big surprise. A very big surprise.” (MTV)

The rapper’s Fear of God will also reportedly feature production from West.

Pusha T will release the street album on the same day that Kanye West and his fellow G.O.O.D. Music signees, Kid Cudi, Consequence and Big Sean will release their respective albums. The upcoming mixtape is reportedly set to feature production from West along with all original verses, making it worthy of joining ranks with the highly-anticipated G.O.O.D. Music drop date. (The Boom Box)

G.O.O.D. Music’s GLC recently clarified speculation on whether or not the company was a record label.

“G.O.O.D Music isn’t a label for one; a lot of people have the misconception that G.O.O.D Music is a label but really it’s basically a family and like a production company. What they do is you get a distribution deal and if you’re a G.O.O.D Music artist, then you come out on G.O.O.D Music and the distribution deal. Whoever I decide to do my deal with it will be through G.O.O.D Music because I’m a G.O.O.D Music artist.” (Hip Hop DX)

Big Sean initially broke the news of their albums dropping on the same date last month.

“September 14, 2010 My album Finally Famous x Kanye West album Good A** Job x Kid Cudi album Man on the Moon pt 2 RT #GOODMUSIC,” he wrote over the weekend. (Big Sean’s Twitter)

Listen to Kanye West & Clipse’s “Kinda Like A Big Deal” below:

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