The Clipse Move Past The Neptunes, “People Wanted To Hear Us On Other Production”

The Clipse Move Past The Neptunes, “People Wanted To Hear Us On Other Production”

The Clipse‘s Pusha T recently spoke on the duos upcoming album Till The Casket Drops and why they are moving past their signature Neptunes production.

Having helped the rap duo on their first two projects, Pusha T said it was a matter of growth which forced them to also seek beats from elsewhere.

“I think that this album was just about growth and catering to the fans,” he said in an interview. “I think that a lot of people wanted to hear us on other production. I think that was the biggest thing. I think people love the Clipse but [we'd] always hear, ‘Yo, we wanna hear y’all on such and such and so and so.’ And it’s a growing point for the Clipse. It was like, ‘D*mn, let’s venture out and make every part of this album an event.’ There’s a couple features on the album that aren’t just family-oriented. We worked with different producers. Everything just needs to be different and eventful…I think the record with Cam’ron is going to be amazing. ‘Popular Demand’ was produced by The Neptunes. With Cam, that’s just gonna be incredible, causing that street hysteria.” (Vibe Magazine)

Pusha T previously hinted at what producers would likely appear on the new album.

“We working on the new album right now, Till The Casket Drops, dropping ’09, Clipse classic,” Pusha T said in an interview. “By far it’s going to be the best Clipse album yet…As of right now we’re working with a whole multitude of producers right now, we ain’t got all the features in place yet but we got Sean C & LV, we got The Neptunes of course, we get Shawty Redd. We got The Justice League, we got DJ Khalil…We try not to repeat ourselves sonically, we always try to raise the bar when it comes to the music. Lyrically, you know what you’re gonna get from The Clipse. 100 percent street sh*t.” (Straight Spittas DVD)

Def Jam co-founder Rick Rubin has reportedly also stepped up to produce tracks.

Legendary producer Rick Rubin has been working on tracks for the Clipse’s long-awaited third album this month, the rap duo’s camp tells EW. Rubin, who signed the Clipse to Columbia Records shortly after taking over as the label’s co-chairman in 2007, has completed one tune with them so far in a Malibu studio; they plan to work with him on one to two more in the coming weeks. (Entertainment Weekly)

While details are still scarce, a few project notes have leaked online.

The album’s first single, “Kinda Like a Big Deal,” is produced by DJ Khalil and features Kanye West. Pusha T was tight-lipped when asked about the collaboration earlier this year, but said it was something to look for: “Hey, man, it’s just one of them joints.” The duo hope to release ‘Til the Casket Drops late this summer. (MTV News)

Till The Casket Drops is reportedly set to drop this summer.