The Clipse Associate Linked To $10 Mil Drug Trafficking Operation

The Clipse Associate Linked To $10 Mil Drug Trafficking Operation

The Clipse associate Anthony “Geezy” Gonzalez has been accused of being involved with a $10 million drug operation in Virginia Beach.

The rap duo’s former manager is one of seven individuals indicted on multiple drug charges.

The suspects include the owner of a former club that allegedly served as the drug ring’s base. They are charged with distributing more than a ton of marijuana and more than 100 pounds of cocaine. An unidentified police officer is listed in the indictment as a co-conspirator. According to the indictment, the officer fed information about the ongoing investigation to the club’s owner. (Daily Press)

He is accused of laundering money through management companies associated with The Clipse.

According to the 82-count indictment, the suspects sold drugs in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth and Hampton, and other states plus in Central America. Gonzalez and the other suspects allegedly laundered their drug money through different companies they created, and that they presented themselves as rappers, clothing designers and club owners. Companies included Soul Providers Management, Soul Providers Entertainment, D&A Trucking and the nightclub. Soul Providers Management is listed as the booking agent for Clipse on Clipse’s MySpace page. (WAVY News)

With recorded conversations reportedly set to be used against him, Geezy is accused of making extensive drug purchases.

He oversaw some of the biggest drug shipments while underlings traveled the country making smaller deals, the indictment says. In one transaction, Gonzalez is accused of purchasing 625 pounds of marijuana for $540,000 in May 2007 from a supplier in Arizona. In another, he’s accused of buying 10 kilos of cocaine for $200,000. Gonzalez had been the manager of the rappers Clipse at least through 2006, according to news reports. Clipse is brothers Pusha T and MaliceTerrence and Gene Thornton – from Virginia Beach. (Hampton Roads)

Aside from their former manager’s legal problems, Pusha T recently discussed the duo’s upcoming album ‘Til The Casket Drops.

“We working on the new album right now, ‘Til The Casket Drops, dropping ’09, Clipse classic,” Pusha T said in an interview. “By far it’s going to be the best Clipse album yet…As of right now we’re working with a whole multitude of producers right now, we ain’t got all the features in place yet but we got Sean C & LV, we got The Neptunes of course, we get Shawty Redd. We got The Justice League, we got DJ Khalil…We try not to repeat ourselves sonically, we always try to raise the bar when it comes to the music. Lyrically, you know what you’re gonna get from The Clipse. 100 percent street sh*t.” (Straight Spittas DVD)

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