The Alchemist Brings “Warfare” To Eminem, “It’s Real Tip Of The Iceberg-Type Sh*t”

The Alchemist Brings “Warfare” To Eminem, “It’s Real Tip Of The Iceberg-Type Sh*t”

Shady Records associate The Alchemist recently spoke on his upcoming Chemical Warfare album that will feature Eminem and other surprise rap guests.

As Em’s “official deejay,” Al described his boss’ appearance on the album’s title track and possibly working on Relapse 2.

“It was definitely a feat for me,” he explained in an interview. “I’ve been working with him for years as a DJ and been affiliated with him, and I always felt like…it was gonna lead to some type of relationship where we could collaborate musically, and it finally got that point now and it just feels good to be able to pull that off…It was more of just Em doing his thing on the type of production of mine I thought would fit him. It’s real tip of the iceberg-type sh*t. It’s gonna make people want to hear more — that’s what we intend to do…We’ve been discussing a lot of ideas [for Relapse 2] between me, [Em] and [D12‘s] Mr. Porter…We’ve been discussing a lot of concepts and ideas that we can do. A lot of things are going to happen, I think, that are gonna be exciting.” (Billboard)

Al previously revealed his thoughts on Relapse prior to Em’s comeback album hitting shelves.

“I just got back from Detroit, was with Em for like three or four days working,” Al explained. “Got a chance to listen to the whole album and man, I love my album and it’s coming out in mid-June, when he played his album I wanted to throw mine away, straight up… Like when he was playing me the album, like, I didn’t wanna say it ’cause I was like thinking of his whole body of work and I was like, ‘This might be some of his best body of work,’ in my opinion. It’s 16 Dr. Dre beats, it’s like Em kinda decided, I’m assuming, when was the last time you heard a full production of Dr. Dre’s music through and through, minus one joint, Em did one joint. The attention Dre put on those beats is the equivalent to the attention Em put on to the writing.” (The Maguire)

Both Em and Al joined forces roughly four years ago.

In 2005, after Eminem’s DJ Green Lantern left the Anger Management 3 tour, the Detroit rapper hired Al as his replacement. In 2006 the Alchemist showcased his work with a pair of mixtapes of previously released and unreleased material, The Chemistry Files and No Days Off. (All Music)

The upcoming project will reportedly have a variety of features.

Chemical Warfare will feature a who’s-who in hip-hop including Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Fabolous, Three 6 Mafia, Juvenile, Twista, Jadakiss, Maxwell, Styles P, Travis (Gym Class Heroes), Nina Sky, Clipse and many more. (Yo Raps)

Chemical Warfare is scheduled to hit stores Tuesday, July 7th via E1 Music.

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