Tha Bizness Explain Drake’s “Love & Guns” Incompletion

Tha Bizness Explain Drake’s “Love & Guns” Incompletion

Production duo Tha BiznessJ-Hen recently spoke to SOHH about the popularity of online hackers leaking music and why their “Love & Guns” Drake collaboration snippet may never be completed.

Justifying their motivation for leaking tracks in the past, Hen stressed the impact hackers have on the music industry.

“For us, we catch wind of a record that some website, some blogger or some Twitter person is about to leak and they’re like, ‘We’re coming up on this track and it’s going to be on here,’ and we know it’s our record,” J-Hen told SOHH. “It’s not something that we can necessarily stop. So we realize that it’s better off that we blast it out first and take away the main traffic from that blogger and bring it on to us. It’s not like you’re going to stop these guys from leaking the records. So if we know we have it and it’s just a snippet, then it’s just a snippet. Sometimes songs are halfway done, they have no hooks, sometimes they’re just works in progress. So for us, that’s when we realized we gotta take the power back. That’s pretty much where our whole mind state has been right now. It’s about taking control back from all the people who tried to take it away from the A&R’s, the deejays who play the records or some of the executives who are not feeling a certain way about a song.” (SOHH)

Hen also detailed why “Love & Guns” has remained incomplete since last year.

“It’s especially big for someone like Chris Brown who has been up against it all,” Hen added. “Like, ‘Oh, you don’t want to buy my album? You don’t want to let me do any shows? I’m just gonna keep on making good music and be respected. Now he has the number one R&B record in the country right now. So it’s important to create something like that. You spend so much time working on this music and want to put it out the right way. With like the ‘Love & Guns’ with Drake or one of the other ones we had heard someone was going to put it out, like it was ‘their’ song. It’s really not going to work so we figured we’d give people the part that Drake had done and it’s funny because people thought we were just giving them a little bit of the song. But at that point and time, that’s all that was done. There was no more. It was an idea that we were going to come back to and had never had the chance to. You want your music out there the same way you created it but you just don’t want a random person putting it out there. A lot of people try to take advantage and make their career off of what someone else did. We talked about finishing ‘Love & Guns’ during the ‘Fancy’ video shoot because the response was so good and we might still do it, but that was just one of those things at the time. There were so many other songs with him leaking and we just [fell back].” (SOHH)

Tha Bizness unleashed the song snippet on their website in January 2010.

“This Is What Yall Want Well F*k It Will Leak It Ourselves This Time… Drake “Love & Gunz” Produced By Tha Bizness THEY SAID IT WAS GONNA LEAK TOMORROW, WELL F*K THE HACKERS WE WILL LEAK OUR OWN SH*T… AND YES THIS SONG WAS NEVER FINISHED, SO THANK US LATER!!” (Tha Bizness)

Last summer, rap veteran Scarface spoke on the fight against music hackers.

“I want to get everybody involved in this [web link] that I received from Jim Urie, the [President and CEO] of Universal [Music Group]. The site is Music Rights Now. It’s stopping muthaf*ckas from stealing our sh*t online,” Face revealed in an interview. “If you put a song out that you want to be downloaded, then that’s all fine and dandy. But if you put out a song that you need to recoup your money on–it’s value in our music, so it should be sold. You can’t walk into Wal-Mart and just walk out with a TV– you can’t just download a TV. So don’t go and download the Jadakiss album without paying for it. It cost money to make that album, dude. It’s the people that work at the pressing plant. Let’s call ‘em interns or low entry level people that work at these spots that make $20,000-$30,000. They just get a brand new Kanye Westalbum and leak it, people paying money for this. Somebody getting some money on this–believe you me when I say that.” (XXL Mag)

Check out the “Love & Guns” snippet below:

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