Tech N9ne Unloads On Weapons Debate: “If Your Mom Has Guns Like That In The Basement, What The F*ck Is [She] Doing?”

Tech N9ne Unloads On Weapons Debate: “If Your Mom Has Guns Like That In The Basement, What The F*ck Is [She] Doing?”

With the recent shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School still looming in most people’s heads, rapper Tech N9ne has offered his take on the controversial gun debate.

In Tech’s perspective, parents should be at fault first for even having guns accessible to their children.

“Discipline starts at home. If your mom has guns like that in the basement, what the f*ck is your mom doing? Is she with the militia? You know those are [Adam Lanza‘s] mom’s guns right? I’ve got three [children]. I’ve got two 18-year-olds and I have a 13-year-old. When they were growing up I had them listening to Tech N9ne. I let them listen to Eminem. I talked to them about they problems at school, people, everything. Now, these kids being neglected. Why would Adam Lanza even know how to work these guns if his mom was paying attention?” (The Boom Box)

He also weighed in on the frequent violence and controversy his rap alias gets connected to.

“I’ve been [dealing] with that my whole career. It’s never been the fans that have had something to say. It’s always been BET or MTV. Those blocks, those borders, those obstacles that we get. “Your name is a gun, we can’t support that. That’s what they used in Columbine, the Tec-9.” But as you get bigger you see that people are just being a**holes that you weren’t paying enough money. It ain’t about that. Because Mack 10 was everywhere. Now, I’m on the BET Cipher as Tech N9ne. I’m on Hip-Hop Squares as Tech N9ne up there. Because my persona don’t say — even though I come from a Blood neighborhood or gangbang past — my persona don’t say “I’m the big blood tough n—a.” I ain’t trying to disrespect nobody. I know what that does. Motherf*ckers ain’t looking at me like the super gangbanging dude.” (The Boom Box)

Mega producer Swizz Beatz recently shared a similar sentiment and said neglecting the youth can lead to violence.

“I think it’s bigger than him. Chief Keef is just a name people can relate to because he’s in the entertainment business. But, I think the real reason is the youth, period, with nowhere to go, no plans, and they’re just resorting to living however they want to live. You go to a different country and they don’t have no support, no food, it’s the same thing. It’s just that we’re knowing about it more because there’s a celebrity name involved, but I wouldn’t even put that on him. This has been going on for years. They shut down the whole Cabrini-Green a long time ago. This been happening. But the key thing is how is it going to stop happening? Is it arts? Is it music? That’s the thing to figure out.” (Global Grind)

Last month, Atlanta’s T.I. spoke on the Sandy Hook massacre and defended his reason for wanting to carry a firearm.

“It’s a tragedy and it’s a travesty, it was a catastrophic event. My heart goes out to the families. As a parent, there’s no way that you can hear or see or observe something like that go on and not be touched in your heart. Just to know somewhere so sacred, somewhere that is supposed to be completely off limits to any kind of wrongdoing, something like that can happen to kindergarteners — I don’t want to run the risk of sounding inappropriate but that is exactly the reason why I had mines. At any time, if anybody calls me, anytime, when I had mines, I’m pulling up with ‘em and the whole perimeter will be secure and ain’t nobody moving but us. … I haven’t been to the military but I’m very militant-minded when it come to protecting.” (“Sway In The Morning”)

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