Tech N9ne Unloads On South By Southwest, “I Probably Don’t Say The Things That Are Politically Correct, But F*ck SXSW”

Tech N9ne Unloads On South By Southwest, “I Probably Don’t Say The Things That Are Politically Correct, But F*ck SXSW”

With the annual South By Southwest festivities in full effect this week, SOHH recently reached out to indie-turned-mainstream rap veteran Tech N9ne for his take on the Austin, Texas event.

While most entertainers boast about the annual gathering, Tech shared a stern stance toward the SXSW excitement.

“Sorry man. I probably don’t say the things that are politically correct, but f*ck South by Southwest,” Tech told SOHH. “I feel that way. I don’t give a f*ck! You know why? Because my fans speak and it’s about money. I’m just saying, they could say they won’t ever have me perform again, I wouldn’t give a f*ck. N*gga, we’d create our ‘own’ festival and fill the f*ckin’ stands. Tech N9ne can say what the f*ck he wanna say, blackball me. We are our own machine. I’mma shutup, man. And I hope they get some feedback from this.” (SOHH)

Asked to elaborate on his issues with the popular event, Tech cited late performance schedules and difficulty seeing some of his favorite acts hit the stage.

“Everybody talkin’ about South by Southwest and all the parties and shows and girls … n*gga I tried to go see Bun B and I couldn’t even get in!,” Tech added. “Luckily, I got into a Devin the Dude show because that’s the homie. These badges don’t mean sh*t, n*gga. Show me the party. I go onstage no later than 10 o’clock on my tours, n*gga at 1 a.m. my body is shuttin’ down … f*ck that! N*gga I don’t give a f*ck about going last, put me first. Let Mac Miller go last or somebody like that. I’m just sayin’, put the n*ggas that’s blowin’ up on stage first. Put Wiz Khalifa last. (SOHH)

G-Unit’s DJ Whoo Kid had a slightly different opinion, saying he was looking forward to seeing 50 Cent perform his multi-platinum album, Get Rich or Die Trying, in its entirety.

“Yeah, I’m going to be there with 50 performing the whole Get Rich or Die Tryin’. So I’m the deejay, I got hired again,” Whoo Kid told SOHH when asked if he would be at the annual South By Southwest event this week. “I gotta deejay the whole, whole album. The whole Get Rick or Die Tryin’ album. [How crazy is this?] It’s f*cking nuts, man. It’s gonna be amazing. I’m just amped over those records that I’ve always wanted him to perform, now he’s gonna perform them. He’s gonna do the whole thing so it’s going to be a good look. I can’t wait.” (SOHH)

Today, Jay-Z graces the SXSW stage, performing a medley of his classic hits.

South by Southwest may be known for highlighting everyone from up-and-coming indie bands to rock royalty’s biggest players, but the festival is also known for flashing the spotlight on rap. Case in point: For the second consecutive year, Jay-Z will stop by South by Southwest. Last year, Jay-Z was a special guest at Kanye West’s showcase, and now, he’s claiming his very own performance. (Audio Ink Radio)

Check out Mobb Deep’s SXSW weekend performance below:

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