Tech N9ne On Shooting Up The Chart, “I Don’t Get No Radio Or Video Play” [Video]

Tech N9ne On Shooting Up The Chart, “I Don’t Get No Radio Or Video Play” [Video]

Midwest rap veteran Tech N9ne recently shared his reaction to taking the music industry by storm with the new All 6’s & 7’s album debuting in the Top 5 music releases this week.

Admitting the sales success has come as a shocker, Tech acknowledged his own struggle with limited radio and video play.

“It keeps getting bigger and bigger right before my eyes. Right when I’m thinking I’ve done a lot, a lot more comes. That’s a blessing, for real, because to be the only independent in the top five,” he said. “It was crazy. I don’t get no radio play or no video play, it was crazy. But my fans are insanely, crazily in love with me.” (Bootleg Kev)

Earlier this week, Tech’s new album dominated its SoundScan competition by debuting in the Top 5.

Leading the pack this week is Tech N9ne’s All 6’s & 7’s opening up at No. 4 behind Book of Mormon‘s Original Cast Recording (60,700), Lady Gaga‘s Born This Way (100,200) and Adele’s 21 (114,300). According to Nielsen SoundScan, Tech’s latest offering has sold 55,800 pieces after seven days in stores. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

A few days ago, Tech revealed his disinterest in joining a major record company.

“They’ve already been calling, since last year or the year before. They’ve already been calling and asking us questions and stuff,” Tech said referring to the majors. “I think Strange Music will be the major this year or next year. It’s looking that way…You might wanna ask [my business partner] Travis this question [of joining a major]. He’ll probably say it’ll have to be around $900 million or something [to sign a deal]. We’re good.” (MTV)

The rapper recently offered his opinion on how major labels should approach artist development.

“I would change the major labels’ tendency to try and clonesuccessful acts. We need people who are visionaries and take chances, like Def Jam took chances. I want the labels to stop trying to make Jay-Z clones and to make Eminem clones. I want them to break some new artists.” (Prefix Mag)

Check out Tech N9ne’s interview below:

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