Taylor Gang’s Ty Dolla $ign Gets Drake Out Of His Twitter Shell: “That Was A Big Thing For Me”

Taylor Gang’s Ty Dolla $ign Gets Drake Out Of His Twitter Shell: “That Was A Big Thing For Me”

With Drake recently revealing his detached feelings toward the Twitter universe, Taylor Gang‘s latest signee Ty Dolla $ign hits up SOHH to reveal how the social networking platform is largely responsible for connecting them.

Ty admits without the Twitter game, he may not have been able to meet up with Drizzy seemingly overnight.

“I guess he was listening to my music after I dropped Beach House and then somebody had tweeted that he had mentioned me in an interview and he liked my music or whatever,” Ty told SOHH when asked where his overnight Drake relationship stems from. “So I went on Twitter and wrote, ‘Shout-out Drake!’ and then he followed me and when he followed me, we started DM’ing each other, talking and exchanging some music.” (SOHH)

Since linking, Drake and Dolla $ign have already started putting in serious work.

“He’s hopping on a few of my songs and he’s also sending me some of his songs to hop on. That was a big thing for me, Drake, this Twitter sh*t. Shout-out to all of the Twitter dudes too! [laughs],” Ty added. “It is crazy, it really is,” Ty added. “But it feels great. Like I said, I’m a fan of his sh*t and he’s a fan of my sh*t. That’s all so crazy. We’ve got a great commadery and we definitely are going ham.” (SOHH)

A few days ago, Drizzy questioned the authenticity and realness of Twitter.

“Twitter isn’t real, by the way. There’s no gauge on real life on Twitter,” Drizzy argued. “That’s a terrible medium to exist in. You can enjoy it. You can even indulge in it. Just don’t live your life by that weird code on that Internet program.” (CRWN)

Over this past summer, Taylor Gang head Wiz Khalifa announced Ty’s official alignment with his crew.

“Look here, man, I’m not even going to hold you people anymore,” Wiz said in an video. “This dude right here makes amazing music, I’m a huge fan, been a huge fan, so it’s only right that Ty Dollar $ign joins Taylor Gang, you know what I mean? It is what it is, he smokes a ton of pot, too. So we’re going to pass the jar, it’s a little thing we like to do over at Taylor Gang, just a small token of our appreciation for coming over here. And congratulations on a dope a** mixtape. Beach House 2, make sure you guys go and get that right now. I’m passing the jar, bruh. Smoke that.” (Civil TV)

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