Talib Kweli’s “Mr. International” Card Examined, “He Killed It”

Talib Kweli’s “Mr. International” Card Examined, “He Killed It”

With Talib Kweii‘s Gutter Rainbows album release just a few weeks away, SOHH talked to contributing producer Symbolyc One about his work on the solo effort.

According to S1, he helped contribute multiple records to Kweli’s forthcoming LP.

“I just mixed two joints, I think one of them is going to be a single called ‘Mr. International,’ a joint that I produced, so be on the lookout for that and then he has another joint I did called ‘Wait For You’ and that’s on the album,” S1 told SOHH about Kweli’s upcoming project. “He’s releasing Gutter Rainbows first and then the next album is going to be Prisoners of Conscious. I still have about five joints on there as well. The first one is the Gutter Rainbows album and I have the two joints on there, ‘Mr. International’ and ‘Wait For You.'” (SOHH)

S1 also detailed the making of his “Mr. International” record.

“‘Mr. International’ is one of those joints where I sent it to quite a few artists and it’s one of those songs that I’m like, ‘Man, I hope this artist jump on this.’ But artists get into different creative zones and areas and when I sent it to Talib, he was on it immediately. He killed it. You already know how he does lyrically and verbally. He killed it, had somebody lay a hook on it, it came together nice, sent it back to me and I added my little spice to it to kind of take it to the next level. It came out great. Last I heard, he was touring overseas and every place he was going, he would shoot a little video because it’s ‘Mr. International.’ So I’m excited to hear that and to hear the whole album.” (SOHH)

Last fall, Kweli spoke on preparing Gutter Rainbows for a late January release.

Gutter Rainbows is an album, it’s a Talib Kweli album,” Kweli said in an interview. “I’ve been working on this album called Prisoners of Conscious and that album is not ready yet. There’s a lot of music and statements I want to make on that album that I’m still working on. I still feel the need to put music out. So Gutter Rainbows is almost like the early outtakes of Prisoners of Conscious but just embellished upon.” (Soul Culture)

A few weeks ago, the rapper discussed his past frustrations with Warner Bros. Records.

“The difference between Gutter Rainbows and [Revolutions Per Minute] is that somebody might actually work on putting [Gutter Rainbows] out, in the proper way,” Kweli said in an interview, “As opposed to Reflection Eternal, which, if you don’t got the Reflection Eternal album, [produced] by Hi-Tek, Revolutions Per Minute, I’m personally very proud of this album…go out and get that, but it went under the radar. I don’t think the record company did a good job of connecting that album with my fan-base.” (JumpOff TV)

Gutter Rainbows is scheduled to drop Tuesday, January 25th.

Check out Talib Kweli performing “Mr. International” below:

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