Talib Kweli Gives You A Reason To Open Your Eardrum: “I’m Glad People Are Enjoying It”

Talib Kweli Gives You A Reason To Open Your Eardrum: “I’m Glad People Are Enjoying It”

[Brooklyn rap veteran Talib Kweli is taking his brand to the next level by recently joining his Javotti Radio to popular online streaming service Radionomy. Today, Talib and Radionomy US Country Manager Thierry Ascarez give SOHH readers the scoop on their partnership.]

Javotti Radio comes from Javotti Media, which is my company. I did a radio show for [Year of the] Blacksmith. When Sirius Radio first came out, I was doing some radio shows.

But Javotti Radio is an opportunity to express myself creatively. I like deejaying, programming and picking music. So I figured this was a great way to really showcase my artists, for example, most recently being Cory Mo.

Javotti Radio is going to be changing a lot over the next couple months but right now it’s about 80 percent of the songs that are programmed and 20 percent is from artists who I would choose from them to pick from.

This is just something fun to listen to and I’m glad people are enjoying it. When my songs get played, I get paid. I’m able to play artists that I like and make money. When I get Javotti Radio to the point where I feel like it’s functioning and it has enough listeners, [I’ll play exclusives]. But right now, if I want to put out a new song, I’ll put it on my website, Twitter or somewhere where I have a lot of followers. I’m trying to work Javotti Radio so that it has enough followers where I can realistically premiere something from there. -Talib Kweli

We have a close relationship with [radio streaming service] TuneIn. There are a lot of stations on TuneIn and we’ve been working with them for a while now.

Someone at TuneIn knew and still knows someone from Talib’s entourage. That’s how it all started. Talib’s manager was actually interested and open to new possibilities for Talib. Talib was already a big fan of the radio stations and that kind of viral tool to talk about his career, his label and his own records.

So we thought it was a great idea to have a Talib radio station and that’s had the relationship started. I think it was about two or three months ago.

The whole point of Radionomy is to share emotions and passions with the radio stations. It’s not so much to create a radio station for yourself but to create a station for an audience. Thanks to Radionomy, we have access to a lot of professional software, online software, where you can create a full program.

Of course you can have music but you can also put up interviews, you can go live with it, there’s just so much you can do. It’s really like a radio station that you can have for free on the Internet and we think it’s the perfect tool for you to reach out to your fans.

Today, there’s blogs and YouTube channels, but we think you can also have a radio station now and Radionomy allows you to have that. You can put up as much content as you want and share it with your fans. -Thierry Ascarez

To check out Javotti Radio and learn more about Radionomy, just click here.

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