Talib Kweli Asks Where’s Brooklyn At? Promises Big Surprises For Diehard NY Fans

Talib Kweli Asks Where’s Brooklyn At? Promises Big Surprises For Diehard NY Fans

With his new Gravitas solo album finally available, Brooklyn rap veteran Talib Kweli gives SOHH the inside scoop behind his one-night only New York release party tomorrow (December 17).

While surprise guests are expected to appear at the BK event, Kweli said fans will also experience his live band.

“Tomorrow’s show will be me with a live band performing songs from my entire catalog, but also new ones from Gravitas,” Kweli told SOHH via a statement. “The special guests will be surprises I don’t want to spoil them. Every diehard fan should bring a smart phone, because after I perform these new Gravitas joints you are going to want to own them immediately. And you can by going to www.kweliclub.com right at that moment.” (SOHH)

According to reports, Kweli’s New York showcase is expected to go down Tuesday night.

Javotti Media Presents “Gravitas” record release show. Talib Kweli & Friends (With Live Band!) Plus special guest Jean Grae. TUES, DECEMBER 17, 2013 DOORS: 6:00 PM/ SHOW: 9:00 PM $15.00 This Event Is 21 & Over (Brooklyn Bowl)

With his new LP in stores, Kweli spoke to SOHH’s lifestyle affiliate GetFrush about Gravitas.

“The market has demanded that artists adapt new business models to get paid for what we do rather than complain about the decline in record sales, so that’s what I’ve done here. Thanks to the inspiration from Ryan Leslie who set this up for me and Nipsey Hussle who’s killing the game in a similar fashion, I am able to have fans give their money direct to me, no middleman and most importantly, now I have their emails and I can engage them directly.” (GetFrush)

Kweli also noted how much effort he has put into his music over 2013.

“Two full albums in one year, who else is giving you that right now? Quality always over quantity but I’ll take the Pepsi challenge any day with my music. I will never rest on my laurels and talk about hip hop from a distance. I participate to the fullest.” (GetFrush)

For more info on Tuesday’s show and to purchase tickets, just click here!

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