Talib Kweli, Amanda Diva, DJ Kut Hail 2Pac, “I Cried When [He] Died”

Talib Kweli, Amanda Diva, DJ Kut Hail 2Pac, “I Cried When [He] Died”

Talib Kweli, Amanda Diva and DJ Kut have paid respect to the memory of the late Tupac Shakur, 14 years after his passing in Nevada.

Talib recalled his reaction upon learning of Pac’s death via Twitter.

“RIP to our shining prince Tupac Amaru Shakur. And happy born day to our sister in the struggle @dreamhampton313,” he tweeted.

“I cried when Tupac died, it was a Friday. We stayed up all night, bumping Sade. (via Sticman, Dead Prez)” (Talib Kweli’s Twitter)

Diva paid homage to the late rapper by making his 14th anniversary a possible Twitter trending topic.

“#riptupac” (Amanda Diva’s Twitter)

In memory of Pac, Kut posted links to special tribute mixes featuring the rapper.

“2pac Rest In Peace! September 13, 1996! DJ Kut Presents: 2pac “From The Cradle To The Grave” Download Now! http://bit.ly/crUo0T,” he posted Monday morning.

Tupac was fatally shot in 1996 following a Las Vegas, Nevada boxing match.

While his celebrity was at its peak, he publicly fought with his rival, the Notorious B.I.G., and there were tensions brewing at Death Row. Even with such conflicts, however, 2Pac’s drive-by shooting in September 1996 came as an unexpected shock. On September 13, six days after the shooting, 2Pac passed away, leaving behind a legacy that was based as much on his lifestyle as it was his music. (All Music)

Check out a Tupac Shakur tribute video down below:

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