Tahiry On Joe Budden’s New Video Vixen Girl, “He Could Date Lady Gaga & I’d Give Him A High Five”

Tahiry On Joe Budden’s New Video Vixen Girl, “He Could Date Lady Gaga & I’d Give Him A High Five”

Joe Budden‘s ex-girlfriend Tahiry Jose has updated fans on the status of her relationship with the New Jersey emcee and her reaction to him dating video vixen Esther Baxter.

In addition to Budden, the model also answered the question of whether or not she would date another rapper.

“I have no feelings,” she said when asked about Budden dating Baxter. “Funny thing is, I worked with her when me and Joey just broke up. We went to Baton Rouge for the screening of the movie Meagan Good did, Video Girl. That was, like, nine months ago, and now they supposedly been together for a couple months. I don’t really care. He could date Lady Gaga, and I’d give him a high five. I won’t say I’d never date another rapper. People think it’s glitz and glamour, but it’s harder than these girls think. I’ll never say never.” (XXL Mag)

Last January, Budden released a song called “Downfall” which revealed intimate details of his with the model.

“Caught up in the he say, she say, blog sites/Him and her broke up, World Star, NahRight,” Budden raps, “Dumb fans, they believe, everything that y’all write — Tell me what am I to do, if I ain’t have a soul a n*gga always had you/Pardon Duke, but I gotta speak candidly, with five years of blood, sweat and tears/But it was obviously a disconnect, we turned that into a disrespect/Since she been holding it inside for years, she’s unhappy so the girl I wanna marry was afraid to come and tap me/So I went away ontour and you went on one of your own/While you was on the horn all day with ol’ boy did you ever think what it would do to your home/What’s his name, where’s he live/What is it he offered, what’s he got to give/I loved you so much that when I caught on to your fibs, I hit you like a man, you wore it in your ribs/I was heated, but had it strong enough to remove the infidelity and see what’s underneath it/Come to find out you felt lied to and cheated, mistreated, and kept it a big secret…” (“Downfall”)

Budden later denied being violent toward Tahiry throughout their five-year relationship.

“I don’t have a tattoo of any females name on me, any females picture on me,” Budden said in an interview. “No [I didn’t hit her.] She got mushed, I mushed the sh*t out of her f*cking a**. And I think she was asking to get mushed. No [she didn’t hit me first], because she was dead caught cheating and I was fresh off tour and I was like, ‘What’s up?’ You’re caught, you’re busted. Evidence? You wanna hear some good sh*t? I really am uncomfortable talking about this sh*t, because I don’t like talking about her, period…she was wildin’ and I’m big on body language — I came home and she was wildin’, she drinks. She drinks every night — she was drunk, she was wildin’, we got in a big argument, I found out she was cheating after she went to sleep — I did go to check her phone…That led to something else to something else — where the evidence was laying on the bed next to her, clear as day. You are cheating, you are busted, it is over…” (Sirius Satellite Radio)

Claiming domestic violence did take place, Tahiry came forward and said physical altercations ultimately led to her breaking up with Budden.

“I just want you guys to know this is very, very difficult to address, discuss, even talk about and sometimes think about it,” Tahiry said in a statement. “I’ve avoided to for months — the fact that he’s not telling the truth after rapping about it to me is just completely disgusting. I’ll just let you guys know that if he had never publicly discussed our break-up, I wouldn’t have neither. Let alone the fact he put his hands on me — it’s his choice to discuss it however he wants it, even if it’s to the world, he’s free to handle it the way he wants to handle it…The day I heard his [‘Downfall’] song was the day I was having my tattoo party which is why I chose to address it the way I did…I left and will never go back because he put his hands on me…Nobody should ever allow or accept anybody to put their hands on them. So I wish it all would end…” (This Is 50)

Check out some past footage of Tahiry below:

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