Tahiry On Bringing The ‘Devil’ Outta Styles P, Reveals Joe Budden’s Reaction

Tahiry On Bringing The ‘Devil’ Outta Styles P, Reveals Joe Budden’s Reaction

With “Love & Hip Hop” cast member Tahiry Jose‘s new “Devil” remix music video creating a big online buzz, SOHH reached out to the video vixen-turned-singing diva to find out how she managed to land Styles P and how ex-boyfriend Joe Budden reacted to the unexpected collaboration.

Tahiry said “Devil” producer Cisco Rosado played a significant role in turning her interest in working with Styles P into a reality.

“The remix is something we already had in mind,” Tahiry told SOHH about adding some flare to her “Devil” track. “Cisco [Rosado], who produced the remix, works really close to [Uncle] Murda — we got Styles P who’s pretty dope and amazing. … I just always loved Jada and Styles P — so me and Cisco talked about it and, to me, it couldn’t get any better.” (SOHH)

She also revealed Joe’s impressed reaction to landing The LOX rap veteran and revealed whether or not fans should hold out hope for them collaborating in the future.

“Oh absolutely,” Tahiry added when asked if she had a chance to get Joe’s reaction to the remix. “We were just together in North Carolina and I was approving the last edit of the video and he had a chance to see it. Joey’s always said anything I put my mind to, once I begin, I finish. So he was pretty proud of it and he was like, literally, ‘Styles killed it.’ [laughs] [Me and Joe collaborating?] I don’t know. I don’t know if that will ever happen but we’ll have to wait and see. One day we might decide to take our relationship into the booth, maybe never, I know I’ve learned my lesson from having him listen to the track and him saying he’s going to do something and not do it. So at this point, I don’t even think him volunteering and me accepting would ever happen because I’ll be like, ‘Dude, whatever,’ but you never know. Never say never.” (SOHH)

Earlier this month, the “Devil” remix music video unexpectedly premiered online.

Tahiry lets go of that addictive ex-lover in “Devil,” her first official debut single. The VH1 “Love & Hip-Hop NY” reality star and model delivers an interesting performance video which features Uncle Murda, Styles P, and crooner Shannon Jones. Directed by Ibrahim “Ham” Yilla, enjoy the remix visual to Tahiry’s new cut. You can purchase “Devil” on iTunes now. (Miss Info TV)

The original track surfaced across the Internet in early February.

Tahiry has been a “down chick” for Joe Budden as long as I can remember and now she’s adding artist to her title as well as giving Joey one of his own-“Devil.”The buxom beauty released her first single and ventured into a new business outside of modeling and TV. “I got to detox you out of my life,” sings Tahiry over the auto tune assisting track. We got to witness Tahiry and Joe’s chemistry as she played the song for the first time. And let’s just say, it doesn’t seem like she rid herself of that addiction! (Hello Beautiful)

Check out Tahiry’s “Devil” remix music video:

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