T-Pain Says Tune Yourself Out: “It’s Terrible To See How Horrible Everybody Sounds W/ It”

T-Pain Says Tune Yourself Out: “It’s Terrible To See How Horrible Everybody Sounds W/ It”

Grammy-winning singer T-Pain recently discussed his hiatus from the music spotlight and just how much of an impact he made with his once-infectious Auto-Tune trend.

According to Pain, his recent absence from the music scene is largely due to him wanting to switch his style up and experiment.

“I went off for a little while trying to reinvent myself and try[ing] to do different music and stuff. Everybody was saying that you need to switch it up,” Pain tells XXL on the phone while on the way to the studio in Atlanta. “That was the Revolver album, and it didn’t do as good as I wanted it to. People like familiarity. People like to know what is happening. It was only right that I go back to what made me the T-Pain I am today.” (XXL Mag)

T-Pizzle also spoke out on the negative ways his Auto-Tune trend impacted the music biz.

“I changed music completely, so it is good to see that, but it’s terrible to see how horrible everybody sounds with it,” Pain admits. “I studied my craft, and I make sure I know how it works. I know where it comes from. I knew how Auto-Tune got invented. I studied the technology of it. Everything. Then I used it. But everybody else is slapping it on their voice and saying they got a smash.” (XXL Mag)

Earlier this year, Pain hit up SOHH and discussed banking on his own “T-Pain Effect” device.

“I’m all for everyone expressing themselves in any way they want. That’s the only thing that has allowed me to have the amazing success that I’ve had,” Pain told SOHH via an exclusive statement. “I made the T-Pain effect because that’s what everyone was calling it (auto tune) anyways. I figure I had better capitalize off of it and make my own pitch correction software.” (SOHH)

In summer 2011, Pain defended swaying away from the one-time popular enhancer.

“You can’t stick with one thing forever,” T-Pain explains. “After you figure out how stuff works, you’ve got to start making your own. When everybody talks about (Auto-Tune), they pretty much say T-Pain. So what simpler thing to do? It’s supply and demand. You want the T-Pain sound? I’m gonna give you the T-Pain effect.” The T-Pain Effect, which lists for $99, gives users access to the rapper’s “whole vocal chain” of effects, along with 50 beats and a full complement of recording and distribution software. “They can sonically sound like me,” T-Pain notes, “but nobody’s ever gonna be able to write songs like T-Pain. There’s only one of those.” (Billboard)

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