T-Pain Opens Up About Hitting The Road, “Life On The Tour Bus Is F*cking Amazing”

T-Pain Opens Up About Hitting The Road, “Life On The Tour Bus Is F*cking Amazing”

Grammy-winning singer T-Pain recently shared his love for his tour bus and revealed his top road trip rules.

From Pain’s experience, ground transportation offers him the best trips.

“Life on the tour bus is f*cking AMAZING,” he wrote in a blog posting. “I’d rather travel by bus then fly, cause that’s when you really see and experience some KRAZY sh*t. Every city has a different style of partying, and there’s no telling what the next move will be. For the most part I’ll sleep and wake up in a different city, and it’s either time to perform or do a walk through. There are certain rules on the bus that everyone must follow, they are simple, and just makes it easier for the bus to stay clean.RULES If you sleep on it – make it If you wear it – hang it up If you drop it – pick it up If you eat off of it – wash it If you step on it – wipe it up If it rings – answer it If it howls – feed it…It’s long hours of driving, and you can watch but so much TV and DVD, so you end up sleeping for 5-8 hours, and waking up to eat or sh*t. During the day I’ll hit up a few radio stations and do some more promo work, but night time is were all the fun starts. Believe Dat! Nighttime is when I hit the clubs, and of course, all of the hottest strip clubs in that city. And then its back to the bus, to head to a new location!” (Global Grind)

The singer will likely prepare to hit the road as he places the finishing touches on his upcoming RevolveR album.

T-Pain also shed some light on the progress of his latest album “RevolveR,” commenting that physical recording wrapped up last Wednesday and that the project was now in its mixing and mastering phase. The album, which T-Pain says should be out some time in April, will feature less in the way of collaboration than some of his previous releases. “I tried to keep it light this time because a lot of people were saying my other albums were only as good as they were because of the features,” he says. “So I’m gonna try to run the test on it this time.” (Billboard)

He currently oversees the operations of Nappy Boy Entertainment.

Nappy Boy, it’s 2000-and-win we’re in right now, we’re making the movement known, doing it quietly,” Pain said in an interview. “Letting everybody know when we come it’s gonna be a big blast, it ain’t gonna be like, ‘Oh they hot, oh they’re getting even hotter,’ it ain’t gonna be like that, it’s gonna be like ‘Wow, they super hot!’ Nappy Boy Digital is a digital company, basically based on the Internet, it’s on iTunes and not really a physical company, you know what I’m saying?” (Access Vibe)

Pain recently spoke on playing boss to Nappy Boy artists like singer Travis McCoy and rapper Shawnna.

“I’m content with working on putting out the artists I have,” he said in an interview. “Right now I have so much on my plate, I don’t think that I could handle promoting another album. That’s what happened to Akon, he signed all these people, not realizing that when one [artist] was pushed back, so were artist No. 2 and No. 3 and no one would be able to come out. I like working with a small roster, because I want everyone to have their chance to shine.” (XXL Mag)

Check out a past T-Pain interview down below:

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