T-Pain On Adult Swim’s Rap Cravings: “Cartoon Network Would Be Foolish To Not Follow That”

T-Pain On Adult Swim’s Rap Cravings: “Cartoon Network Would Be Foolish To Not Follow That”

With Odd Future‘s “Loiter Squad” back for another season this month, SOHH reached out to one-time “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” guest star and “Freaknik” special producer T-Pain for his take on Cartoon Network’s love for hip-hop.

In Pain’s opinon, pop culture and society are welcoming in hip-hop with open arms, as seen with television powerhouses like Cartoon Network.

“I believe that the whole world is beginning to step more towards a hip-hop feel,” Pain told SOHH. “You can see it everyday influencing almost everything we see and hear. Cartoon Network would be foolish to not follow that. I think it’s great that they embrace the lifestyle and the music that comes with it.” (SOHH)

Pain also revealed how he managed to snag a guest spot on “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” back in 2009.

Dave Willis [creator of Aqua Teen] is a great friend of mine and a great person all around. He’s given me countless opportunities over the past few years so I’m pretty sure we will work together again in the near future. I guess my favorite program would be Aqua Teen. Not because I guest starred on it but it is a great show.” (SOHH)

After a successful first run last year, Odd Future’s “Loiter Squad” returned last weekend with its usual high-energy antics.

A few weeks ago, Odd Future centerpiece Tyler the Creator announced the release date of his new album Wolf and dropped the first single and video in “Domo 23.” That clip looked a whole lot like a sequence from the collective’s manic sketch comedy project Loiter Squad, which also happens to be returning this Sunday, March 10, at Midnight on Adult Swim. Last season sat somewhere between The Kids in the Hall and Jackass, and based on the exclusive clip below, the second go-round will be a ratcheted-up version of the same. (Entertainment Weekly)

Last April, Pain publicly acknowledged and co-signed the West Coast rap crew’s sketch comedy series.

“@oddfuckingtaco #loitersqaud is the sh*t homie. Congrats on the show my n*gga. Tell @fucktyler I hate frogs.,” he tweeted April 7th.

“@oddfuckingtaco even if that was a sarcastic tweet hahahahaaaa. I am pretty cool tho lol”

“@fucktyler dude I didn’t even think this was really your page. What the fuck is that twitcon dude hahahahaaaa” (T-Pain’s Twitter)

Check out the “Loiter Squad” season two trailer:

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