T-Pain Gets No Respect, “Y’All Can Suck A Fart Out A Homeless Man’s A**”

T-Pain Gets No Respect, “Y’All Can Suck A Fart Out A Homeless Man’s A**”

Grammy-winning rapper/singer T-Pain has voiced his grievances on Twitter in light of recently becoming the latest victim of music hackers, and has decided to beat them to the punch by releasing tracks off of his forthcoming Revolver solo LP.

Via Twitter, Pain tried to explain his frustrations to fans.

“Since nobody wants to respect this form of art that you all say we “love” so much, I’m just gonna go ahead and start leakin the album myself tonight. well maybe I shouldn’t rant but everybody was lookin at me strange when I said I didn’t wanna drop my album, it’s not that album sales weren’t doin good for hip hop and rnb, it just felt like no one respected “music” anymore. You know what, you guys enjoy the post game and I’ll find my own ways to take care of my family. Oh and bty the “I Am T-Pain” Toy Microphone is comin in June (google that). To all the hackers and leakers thanks for showin interest in my music but I feel like I’ve been taken advantage of when I’m just tryin to let ppl know what’s goin on with my music and then you audio highjack it for your own amusement I would have been happier if you would have just waited to get a better quality version of the song but it’s cool its pretty much my fault anyways, so for the most part y’all can suck a fart out of a homeless mans a**.” (T-Pain’s Twitter)

Despite his anger, Pain made sure to thank his loyal supporters.

“And to the fans, I know I talk a lot of sh*t but I’m a cool dude and I wanna say that without y’all and Tallahassee and Akon and Bu and the nappy headz and the team that I have now, I wouldn’t be half the guy I am today so thank you as well. Here we go again YASIMELIKE” (T-Pain’s Twitter)

In May, Pain said aggressive marketing strategies forced him not to commit to an album release date.

“Revolver is coming,” he promised in an interview. “We’re just trying to see…It’s hard to sell records unless you’re Susan Boyle, I guess. Nobody is selling records. I should compete on ‘American Idol’ the way they’re selling records when they come off of there. I need to be a part of that competition. I don’t know if they let you use Auto-Tune, but if they do, I’m a shoo-in. I’m two shoes in! I’m a pair of shoes in.” (MTV)

Last March, the auto-tune hitmaker opened up about not receiving proper credit for his creativity.

“It’s definitely something different for me,” Pain said in an interview about his new release. “It’s something new that I haven’t really touched. I went more towards what I’ve been trying to do, and figured people wouldn’t accept yet. I mean it’s kinda hard for people to accept what I’m doing you know what I’m saying? I don’t know why. If I do a song, and then somebody else does the exact same song, [critics] like the other person’s song before mine’s for some reason, I have no idea why. It’s been that way for a long time.” (The Boom Box)

No further details have been revealed as of now.

Check out some past T-Pain footage down below:

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