T-Pain Blames Drake For ‘Revolver’ Delay, “Tell Him To Hurry The H*ll Up”

T-Pain Blames Drake For ‘Revolver’ Delay, “Tell Him To Hurry The H*ll Up”

Grammy-winning artist T-Pain has blamed Young Money’s Drake for delaying his long-awaited Revolver solo album.

Writing on Twitter, Pain explained what the LP’s hold-up has been.

“I know yall waitin on the album but the last thing I need is a verse from drake and the album is complete. So find drake and tell him to hurry the h*ll up and finish the verse Hahahahaaaa #twitterbomb,” Pain tweeted Monday (January 31).

“By the way the song with drake on it is the next single as well so that’s why I haven’t dropped a new single yet. Jus lettin you know” (T-Pain’s Twitter)

In May, Pain said aggressive marketing strategies forced him not to commit to an album release date.

Revolver is coming,” he promised in an interview. “We’re just trying to see…It’s hard to sell records unless you’re Susan Boyle, I guess. Nobody is selling records. I should compete on ‘American Idol’ the way they’re selling records when they come off of there. I need to be a part of that competition. I don’t know if they let you use Auto-Tune, but if they do, I’m a shoo-in. I’m two shoes in! I’m a pair of shoes in.” (MTV)

Last March, Pain talked about not receiving proper credit for his creativity.

“It’s definitely something different for me,” Pain said in an interview about his new release. “It’s something new that I haven’t really touched. I went more towards what I’ve been trying to do, and figured people wouldn’t accept yet. I mean it’s kinda hard for people to accept what I’m doing you know what I’m saying? I don’t know why. If I do a song, and then somebody else does the exact same song, [critics] like the other person’s song before mine’s for some reason, I have no idea why. It’s been that way for a long time.” (The Boom Box)

Based on a Pain interview from last March, the album was set to drop April 2010.

T-Pain also shed some light on the progress of his latest album “RevolveR,” commenting that physical recording wrapped up last Wednesday (March 3) and that the project was now in its mixing and mastering phase. The album, T-Pain says, should be out some time in April 2010. (Billboard)

Check out some past T-Pain footage down below:

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