“T.I. Was On The Phone The Other Day & He On His Way Home”

“T.I. Was On The Phone The Other Day & He On His Way Home”

Grand Hustle’s Young Dro recently provided an update on incarcerated friend T.I. and explained how the “King of the South” has been keeping himself busy while serving out his sentence.

Despite serving time for probation violation, Dro said Tip is living the good life in jail.

“Tip was on the phone the other day, and he on his way home,” Dro said in an interview. “Tip on the phone ordering shoes and sh*t. I might e-mail him a catalog from time to time and he sends it right back with the stuff he wants. He’s ordering $5,000 shoes on the phone. He’s doing the Internet thing. We shoot him an email and he can see the catalog and we be ordering out the catalog all day. He’s getting handkerchiefs and sh*t.” (All Hip Hop)

Set to come back home next month, Dro said Tip will also be a better man.

“As far as when he gets home, things are going to be very different,” he added. H*ll yeah things are going to be different. We have jeopardized our livelihood, you know which is like the devil and everyone makes mistakes and we still have a shot, its not over. We entitled to 2-3 falls, as long as you make good on it. How dare we mess it all the way up. Long as we make good, we will be ok. Get back up again. Fall and get back up. Because he ain’t no evil person, we will prosper and come back even better.” (All Hip Hop)

In mid-July, T.I. inked an open letter to his fans from jail.

“What up world? I appreciate the continued love and support that everyone has been giving me,” he wrote July 13th. “This chapter in my story will soon be coming to an end and I will be back in the flesh with you sooner than later. In the meantime I want to give a special shout out to a few particular individuals that have been sending me letters, cards, comments, tweets and just overall holding me down. A little loyalty goes a long way with me…I don’t do fake sh*t shawty. So I can’t thank y’all enough for keeping it 1 thousand and as soon as I’m able I WILL RETURN THE FAVOR!!! And that’s on PHIL!!! I love y’all and I’ll see you in September.” (Trap Muzik)

While sentenced to 11 months in jail for a probation violation last fall, Tip is currently slated to return home in September.

T.I. is coming home. The incarcerated rapper, born Clifford Harris, Jr., will be released from Arkansas’ Federal Correctional Institution Forrest City Low on September 29, 2011 after completing his 11-month sentence for violating his parole. (Hip Hop DX)

T.I. and his wifer Tiny were initially arrested last summer in Los Angeles on drug possession charges resulting in the rapper serving an 11-month sentence for a probation violation beginning November 2010.

Check out some recent pre-jail T.I. footage below:

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