T.I. Urges Fans One Last Time To “Go Vote”


Mega superstar T.I. took to the stage one final time over the weekend at Florida’s A&M homecoming event for his “Respect My Vote Tour” reminding fans of today’s historic election and the importance of voting. 
Joined by the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network’s Dr. Ben Chavis and fellow Grand Hustle members like Big Kuntry King, the self-proclaimed “King of the South” performed at the tour’s largest rally. 
“You know who this is man, this your boy Kuntry King, and guess what? I’m registered to vote,” Kuntry said in a video backstage from the event. “You gotta respect the vote and respect the hustle, you know what I’m saying? There’s a lot more things that’s more important than what’s going on in these streets. We trying to build a nation.”
Expressing the necessity for every eligible person to get out today and allow their presence to be felt, Tip stressed in a recent email the vitality of combined efforts from all citizens.
“In order for us to ensure our voices are heard by our elected officials, it is crucial that we show our collective force, in order for us to ensure our voices are heard, we need to get out there and vote,” Tip wrote. “If you need to know where to go to vote, check out www.govote.org.”
He also pointed out an interesting fact for people in select states that may still vote even if they were unable to register by the deadline.
“One thing Rev told me that’s outstanding – if you live in any of these states – North Carolina, North Dakota, Maine, Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Wyoming and Montana – you can still vote even if you are not registered. So go vote!”
As today’s election carries on, Tip will be at various spots throughout Toledo, Ohio and throwing an Election Night party in Detroit at Lucky’s and South Beach.
The Grand Hustle leader voted for the first time last Wednesday (October 29) despite a felony charge on his record.
According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Georgia law permits felons to vote if they’re not currently on probation or serving jail time. 
Tip stayed in line with over 40 other voters before registering and casting his official presidential vote. 
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