T.I. Testifies, Recalls Bloody Details In Philant Johnson Murder Trial [Video]


Hip-Hop superstar T.I. has come forward to testify about the events that took place on the night his friend and assistant Philiant Johnson was murdered in May 2006.

According to the Associated Press, the rapper was present at a Cincinnati courtroom today (November 21) where he described the shoot-out his entourage had with prime suspect Hosea Thomas. Tip told jurors he took cover in a van as it was layered with bullets during a wild vehicle chase.

Describing the aftermath, T.I. explained what happened when he noticed Johnson laying prone, after being shot in the head.

“We called Phil’s name out, Phil didn’t respond,” T.I. said. When asked what his friend looked like, he responded: “Lifeless.”

“I saw blood running down his face, his shirt was wet…He had an injury wound to the left temple.”

Three other members were reportedly injured, however Tip did not suffer any injuries.

As previously reported by SOHH, opening statements began earlier this week as jury members were told Cincinnati local Thomas was responsible for the murder.

Hosea’s brother, Padron, who was also involved in the shoot-out, stepped forward to testify against him. He now faces no prison time for his role in the murder of Johnson.

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