T.I. Teases Chelsea Handler Over G-Unit Fling, “I Thought Your Name Was Chelsea Cent?” [Video]

T.I. Teases Chelsea Handler Over G-Unit Fling, “I Thought Your Name Was Chelsea Cent?” [Video]

Grammy-winning rapper T.I. showed off his more humorous side this week after appaering on late night talk show “Chelsea Lately” and poking fun at the host’s recent fling with G-Unit’s 50 Cent.

Although Tip had been behind bars for nearly a year, he made sure to let Handler know he was familiar with her recent publicized romance.

“Your last name isn’t ‘Lately,’ by the way, Chelsea,” T.I. told Handler. “It isn’t?,” she responded. “No it isn’t.” “[Then] what’s my last name?” “I thought your last name was Cent? I thought it was Chelsea Cent.” She then told Tip, “No, that’s not true. 50’s last name was Lately for a while. But then we changed it back. Anyway.” (“Chelsea Lately”)

In August, Handler admitted to having a sexual relationship with 50.

“We were friends. We’re not friends really anymore. I haven’t spoken to him in a while… We had sex,” Handler revealed. “It was fun. I’ve told other people. Don’t feel special. [You feel special?] Well, I’m not gonna lie…I’m not interested in motherhood at all.” (Esquire)

In May, Handler explained why things ultimately did not work out for them.

“We dated, very casually,” Chelsea told television host Piers Morgan. “He was, nothing happened, you know, he’s a very sweet, nice guy, but obviously, I was just sampling, kind of, the atmosphere and seeing what was out there. And I’m satiated. He’s fun. He’s a great guy. [He’s not what I expected], not at all. He’s the complete antithesis of what you would imagine. He’s a sweetheart, he’s sweet, funny, he’s got a great sense of humor. I don’t really like gifts from rappers in general since I’m not a hooker. I don’t like when men buy me ridiculous gifts especially when I don’t know them well. I can buy my own gifts.” (“Piers Morgan”)

Last March, 50 credited Chelsea’s down-to-earth personality as a strong driving force.

“Chelsea is confident. I think confidence is the sexiest thing about a person. She’s the kind of person that if you’re blessed with the opportunity to hang out with her, you’ll enjoy it. I’m not sure you’ll look at her and actually want to jump over the table and f*ck her, but you might. You would leave after talking with her feeling that she is a cool person.” (VIBE)

Check out T.I.’s interview below:

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