T.I. Talks Dr. Dre “Detox” Rumors, “Did I Really Reference Vocals For Dre?”

T.I. Talks Dr. Dre “Detox” Rumors, “Did I Really Reference Vocals For Dre?”

Grammy-winning rapper T.I. has begun to feel pressure arising from the rumors about his work on Dr. Dre‘s forthcoming Detox album and has addressed the gossip.

Self-proclaimed “King of the South” confirmed that he learned about recent track leaks, including his “I Am Hip-Hop (Detox)” where he is heard referencing the renowned producer.

“I heard about that,” Tip said in an interview. “Did I really reference vocals for Dr. Dre? Did Dr. Dre confirm I referenced vocals for Dr. Dre…If I had the chance to work with the great Dr. Dre, it would be an honor and a privilege, and definitely be a pivotal moment and highlight of my career…I’m trying to do as much as I can. I can’t make it to everybody [for guest appearances] but I’m gonna do as much as I can…As far as my own personal project, I am working and recording. I got 18, 19 new songs.” (MTV)

Tip recently expressed his willingness to work with the Doc if ever called upon.

If I did talk to Dre, I would just tell him, man, whatever he needs from me, I’m on deck for him and how I– godd*mn, respect the legacy you know what I’m saying, and how much I grew up loving that sh*t, man,” Tip said in an interview. “And also, whatever we get a chance to work on my stuff– if we were ever able to put sometime aside to ever work on my stuff then you know, I would it expect it to be nothing less than catastrophic.” (Rap Radar)

The Atlanta-bred emcee previously spoke with SOHH weighing in on Detox.

“All I can say is look forward to it. You never know who you might hear collaborating together or what you might be able to expect from that project. I’m just telling you to look forward to it. It’s going to be one for the record book. He ain’t lost a step.” (SOHH)

Rumors began to spread after Tip was heard on Dre’s “Topless” alongside Nas.

Another possible track off Dr. Dre’s ultra-anticipated Detox hit the radio yesterday as “Topless,” featuring T.I. and Nas, leaked out. DJ Envy from New York urban station Hot 97 was the first to play the track. T.I. reportedly spent time in the studio with Dre during Grammy weekend, so this might be one of the songs from that collaboration. (Rolling Stone)

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