T.I. “Takes” Final Push, “I’m Out Here Buying Tickets Again, If I See You, I Got You”

T.I. “Takes” Final Push, “I’m Out Here Buying Tickets Again, If I See You, I Got You”

Rapper/actor T.I. has made a final attempt to get fans amped to go out and support his new action thriller, Takers.

Hitting up Twitter, Tip continued to re-tweet fans who were going to see the film and check in with different regions of the nation to get their post-film reactions.

“What y’all didn’t believe me when I said I was going in on the RT’s. U were warned. Lol. #TAKERS!!!!!,” Tip tweeted over the weekend.

“Even my son King is reppin #TAKERS!!http://tweetphoto.com/41949757″

“Aye here we go again #takers opening weekend take 2″

“I’m out here buying tickets again if I see u I got ya #takers”

“alright y’all lets go…we headed to Decatur…who need movie passes…Takers!”

“whats up…ya’ll we gotta find some where to go watch these 10 o’clock showings…lets go…where too??? TAKERS!”

“lets go…NC check in, VA check in, NY check in, StLou check in…! TAKERS!!!”

“oh ya’ll gotta twitpic me all the soldout signs and lines wrapped round the theaters…u’m lovin the support ya’ll…TAKERS!” (T.I.’s Twitter)

Co-star Chris Brown also hit up Twitter to thank fans for their support.

“Thanks to everyone who is supporting my movie takers. I love yall. Means a lot to me,” he tweeted late Saturday (August 28) night. (Chris Brown’s Twitter)

Reports currently show Takers taking a No. 2 box office weekend debut.

This past weekend was a bit odd in the sense that it featured two films fighting for the top spot that no one seemed interested in seeing. TAKERS has been completed for a while now, but the studio couldn’t decide what to do with it. TAKERS managed over $20 million at the box office. But that was only good for second place as THE LAST EXORCISM took the top spot with just over $22 million. Horror movies like that always seem to do well and Lionsgate pushed and marketed the film pretty well. (Flix 66)

Earlier this month, T.I. talked about having to make sacrifices to complete his film.

“I did assist with the producing…I lost sleep to say the least,” he added about juggling all of his professional and personal obligations while “Takers” was in production. “I increased my responsibilities and just basically sacrificed my time. Just sacrificed in every way possible whenever necessary.” (MTV)

Check out the film’s trailer below:

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