T.I. Suffers Setback W/ “King Uncaged” Release, “I Hit Pause On The Album” [Video]

T.I. Suffers Setback W/ “King Uncaged” Release, “I Hit Pause On The Album” [Video]

Grammy-winning rapper T.I. has suffered a minor setback with his upcoming King Uncaged album and announced it will not come out next month.

According to the “King of the South,” he is solely focused on this month’s release of his new film, Takers.

“I pushed the album back so I can completely focus my attention to the rollout and release of this film Takers,” he said. “I feel it wouldn’t be fair to the film or the album if I was splitting my attention span amongst the two, so I hit pause on the album to completely focus my attention to rolling out this here film. And once we prayerfully debut No. 1–25-plus, 20-plus million–then after those bottles have been popped and that celebration [is] underway, I will completely resubmerge myself back into the music, fully on album mode.” (Rap-Up)

Details on T.I.’s Takers character were recently released online.

T.I. is treacherous. He’s cold, he’s calculating and he’s out for millions. As the character Ghost in the upcoming film “Takers,” the beloved King of the South is all of the above, but he also sneaks in a few hysterical one-liners. It’s these multifaceted aspects that lured him to his role in the film. (IMDb)

Earlier this month, T.I. confirmed Kanye West would be on his solo project.

Call it the reunion of the King of the South and Martin Louis the King Jr. The last time T.I. hooked up with Kanye West, the two made the undeniable hip-hop anthem “Swagger Like Us.” And the pair recently took half a dozen more shots at making another classic. You can add the Louis Vuitton Don to the list of acclaimed producers to work on Tip’s next LP, King Uncaged (due in September). “I just left Hawaii with Kanye,” Tip said last night in Hollywood on the red carpet for the world premiere of “Takers.” “We did six records.” (MTV)

T.I.’s new album was originally expected to drop at the end of September.

T.I.’s upcoming album – his first since his release from prison – King Uncaged, has been pushed back to September 28. Revealed on Amazon.com, the new release date is the latest example of a Hip Hop artist whose album has dropped later than expected – a laundry list that includes the likes of Drake, Game, Diddy, Rhymefest and N.E.R.D. (Hip Hop DX)

A confirmed release date has not yet been revealed by T.I. The rapper’s movie, Takers, will be released August 27th.

In anticipation for the album’s release, the Southern rapper brought out a few of his hip-hop colleagues such as Swizz Beatz, B.o.b., and Cam’ron for a no-hold-barred concert at New York’s Capitale venue – his first full performance since being released from prison several months ago.

The star of the upcoming film “Takers” (due August 24) then leveled the venue with a flurry of his street classics including “Rubber Band Man,” “24s,” “Ride Wit Me” and “U Don’t Know Me.” The transitions were seamless and Tip was in prime form, sounding crisp and full of energy. The Grammy winner did take a couple of breaks though, to let his guests rock. (MTV)

Check out T.I.’s interview down below:

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