T.I. Speaks On Shawty Lo Truce, “I Didn’t Do It For Publicity” [Video]

T.I. Speaks On Shawty Lo Truce, “I Didn’t Do It For Publicity” [Video]

After making headlines with his recent publicizied rap truce with Shawty Lo, T.I. has revealed the motivation behind calling a truce with his former adversary.

Promising it was not for publicity purposes, Tip claims his maturity played a factor.

“See, I’m a grown man,” he said in an interview. “These situations are not that major for me…I never even considered it to be a big deal to begin with. So, something like that, I just didn’t do it for publicity…I’m not doing it for the purposes of taking pictures, and for people online to talk about it and people on TV to talk about it. As a man, I don’t mean anybody no harm, I wish everybody the best, I ain’t never been a hater, I congratulate success, and I move on and keep doing what I’m doing….That word ‘beef’ is used too loosely, to me…To me, man, if I don’t mean you no harm, we can’t be beefin’. If I see you, and I don’t attack you, it ain’t no beef, and vice versa. Everything else is just entertainment to me.” (MTV News)

Beef and battle aside, the duo met on-stage for a performance last Friday (March 6).

T.I.P. performs at his Club Cruciall for one of his final shows before he does his time. He brings out Big Kuntry King and the big surprise was Shawty Lo being brought to the stage during “Big Shit Poppin” to publicly end the beef. Smiling and affirming each other’s presence on-stage, Tip confirms the duo’s pact at the end of his song. “Eh my n*gga,” T.I. told Shawty. “Bankhead in this motherf*cker!” (World Star Hip Hop)

Both Atlanta rappers were involved in a violent scuffle between each other’s camps at last fall’s Dirty Awards in Atlanta.

The annual ceremony erupted November 24 after both rapper’s entourages began to allegedly taunt one another while on stage performing their sets. “He didn’t come with the intention of starting any things or feeding any negativity, he had even told his crew, ‘Look, I need y’all to respect my set’,” Shawty’s manager Johnnie Cabbell told SOHH. “We ain’t come to the show to support any beef or support anything that’s going on ’cause there really ain’t no beef.” (SOHH)

They also released diss records and footage at one another including Tip’s “What Up, What’s Happenin'” song.

“But we could get into commercial if ya need something chirp me/Hey what I care about who you asking saying they aint heard of me/I’m certified certainly them videos ain’t hurting me/I still ride with the window rolled down all around the A town like it’s finna go down/If it was every any questions n*ggas finna know now/Won’t retire my throne or surrender no crown.” (eLyrics World)

Check out the “King of the South” talk on his peace calling:

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