T.I. Says He’d Co-Sign ATL Falcons Signing Ochocinco: “[Adversity] Will Bring The Best Out Of Him”

T.I. Says He’d Co-Sign ATL Falcons Signing Ochocinco: “[Adversity] Will Bring The Best Out Of Him”

In light of the woes NFL star Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson has endured since getting arrested on a domestic violence charge earlier this month, SOHH spoke to fellow reality star T.I. to find out if he thinks the Atlanta Falcons should pursue him.

In Tip’s perspective, Johnson’s determination to clear himself from the domestic abuse situation will likely fuel his on-field talent.

“Could we use him? I believe we could, man,” T.I. told SOHH when asked if the Atlanta Falcons could use the wide receiver. “I think one thing about adversity and tragic moments with people who are extremely talented, it brings the best out of them. He needs another opportunity. Whatever they did, whether it’s Chad or whoever, I think he’s going to be a bit more focused on his reconditioning and I think this all will bring the best out of him.” (SOHH)

The fallen NFL star recently got cut from the Miami Dolphins in light of the headline-generating arrest.

Attention, young wide receivers: If you have a flair for the dramatic, a need for media attention and you frequently create headlines for things other than football accomplishments, consider these flaws that you need to correct. These qualities do not pay any longer. Chad Johnson, Terrell Owens and Plaxico Burress highlighted the era of the diva wide receiver in the NFL. They have not enjoyed the respective twilights of their careers. Chad Johnson was released on Sunday night , a very short time after he’d been arrested for allegedly head-butting his new bride . Whether or not he’ll find a job again in the NFL is unclear, but at the very least, it’s no sure thing. When the Dolphins signed him back in June, it was for $925,000 – the league’s veteran minimum – with no guaranteed money. It’s not like there was a bidding war for his services, even before the arrest. (Yahoo Sports)

A few days ago, Chad reportedly hung out with Young Money’s Lil Wayne.

Chad appears to be doing better with his last Twitter update on August 20th. The former wide receiver shared a photo with his 14-year old daughter Jicrya visiting rapper Lil Wayne. According to reports Chad sought refuge at the rapper’s home after the domestic incident. “Took my daughter @jicyraa_carter to meet @liltunechi yesterday… the look on her face and the tears were priceless…” (Popular Critic)

Earlier this month, Miami’s Rick Ross showed support for Ochocinco in light of the bad press.

“Salute everyone supporting @ochocinco!!Beat the case.new team.new cream. #weback,” he tweeted August 14th. (Rick Ross’ Twitter)

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