T.I.’s Protégé Keeps Her Hustle Grounded, Long-Awaited Debut Suffers Setback

T.I.’s Protégé Keeps Her Hustle Grounded, Long-Awaited Debut Suffers Setback

Diehard fans hoping to get their hands on Hustle Gang starlet Iggy Azalea‘s upcoming The New Classic are going to have to wait a bit longer with a new release date slated for next year.

Despite her personal issues with having to wait it out, Iggy’s LP is expected to land on store shelves in early 2014.

“The official date? F—ed if I know! It’s done, it’s so depressing to say this but it’s the beginning of March, it’s so far away but I just have to accept that,” she exhales, then takes a sharp intake of oxygen and launches into “It was supposed to be October but obviously I’m going on tour with Beyonce and they said I’m not allowed to put an album out while I’m on tour because I’ll be trapped in Australia and I won’t be able to do any TV appearances and I thought that’s fair enough, that’s three weeks and then they said ‘You can’t put an album out around Christmas time, that’s a bad time’ and I said ‘What about January?’ ‘Well [talking like a verbose record label type] nobody gets back off holidays and then it’s the Brit Awards, you can’t release an album, it’s terrible for marketing’ which brings me to February. The marketing team gets to control me unfortunately, I don’t get to control that.” (Herald Sun)

Azalea reportedly makes reference to her past fling with New York rapper A$AP Rocky on one of the tracks.

Another cut on the record is called Time Piece. When coaxed, Azalea is willing to explain what it’s about and although she doesn’t directly reference ex-boyfriend A$AP Rocky (who’s name she had tattooed on her finger then crossed out after they split in February) it’s mos def the elephant in the room. “It’s about a Rolex I bought for somebody that I had a relationship with. It’s saying, ‘You can keep the watch that I gave you but can I have all the time back that you f—ed off me? I wasted all my time on you, bought you this f—ng watch, can I get my life back?’ It’s real. I hope they don’t hate my guts when they hear it.” (Herald Sun)

Back in August, Iggy revealed her debut will come packed with 16 tracks.

Iggy Azalea is all set her new single ‘Change Your Life’ featuring T.I. in the coming days. But today, she has given fans a sneak peek at the tracklisting for her upcoming debut album The New Classic which is due this Fall via Def Jam. No features have been revealed yet but Iggy did mention in one of her previous interviews that not too many guests will appear on the disc. 1. Walk The Line 2. Goddess 3. Don’t Need y’all 4. Lady Patia 5. Rolek 6. Leave it 7. live a little 8. New Bitch 9. Cheeks 10. Impossible is nothing 11. Change Your Life 12. F*ck love 13. Last Plane 14. Hilike 15. Monkey 16. Didey Sound (HHNM)

Last April, the Australian beauty broke the news of her Def Jam deal.

“Hey world. I signed to island def jam. Iam now mercury UK/ island def jam USA awesome!!!!,” she tweeted April 23rd.

“No. That doesn’t mean I’m no in hustle gang. Save it. Still in it. Still on the hustle gang album. Friendship doesn’t require contracts.”

“If this confuses you, you are welcome to read the press release on billboard later today. ?” (Iggy Azalea’s Twitter)

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