T.I.’s Concert Demands Leak Online, Rapper Needs Weapons Check & Filet Mignon

T.I.’s Concert Demands Leak Online, Rapper Needs Weapons Check & Filet Mignon

T.I.‘s rider, which is a list of items requested for his concerts, has hit the Internet and includes “adequate” security and steak filet mignon.

A fully detailed list of items has been provided in released contractual documents.

According to his current concert rider, when the 28-year-old performer (real name: Clifford Harris) hits the road, he travels first class, stays in luxury hotels, and has his dressing room stocked with premium booze and fine sweets like Skittles and Lemonheads. The promoter is responsible for providing adequate security to ensure the safety of all performing artists. Additional security includes stage security, crowd control, dressing room security and weapons check. Food items will come in the form of a pre-paid $1000 bar tab or cotton towels, FIJI-only water, chilled fruit juices, nine steak filet mignons, CD player and speakers, 2 bottles of PJ Rose’ Champagne, 12 pack of Heineken, two large bags of potato chips, plenty of ice, Remy Martin, Grey Goose, Patron Tequila. (The Smoking Gun)

The Atlanta, Georgia-based emcee’s last performance took place in his hometown over the weekend.

T.I. told fans he would stay optimistic when he heads to prison on a federal weapons conviction. The 28-year-old rapper, whose real name is Clifford J. Harris Jr., performed for a packed audience Sunday (May 24) night in Atlanta’s Philips Arena less than two days before he is to begin serving the sentence of a year and a day. “I’m going to stand up tall, head up high,” he said. “Thank you for all of your support.” Many in the packed crowd held up encouraging signs, like one reading “T.I. We Will Miss U!” (Associated Press)

The venue was reportedly filled with thousands of fans.

Talk about your farewell concerts. T.I. performed in Atlanta last night less than two days before he must report to prison to start serving a federal weapons conviction. The rapper told the audience of about 16,000 at Philips Arena: “I’ll see y’all in 366 days.” It’s that period a year and a day he has to serve after his guilty plea to charges of trying to buy unregistered machine guns and silencers from federal undercover agents in 2007. (KXMB News)

Upon turning himself into an Arkansas prison to begin a 366-day sentence earlier this week, SOHH spoke with Bun B about what advice he would give the rapper.

“Tip’s a very intelligent young man, he’s very resourceful,” Bun said. “He has a very sharp sense of understanding life and situations involved in it. I couldn’t give him any more advice than what he probably knows already. Just to keep God first, stay focused and do his time don’t let his time do him. Prison is not a place to commiserate and make friends at. But like I say, all these things are things that I’m very sure Tip knows already. I’d just tell him to keep his head up like anybody else and make sure he got an address on me and I got one on him. So I can shoot him a kite, send him a picture or two. That shit go a long way I don’t think people realize. Tip’s a good dude he’s a smart dude. I’m pretty sure with God on his side, he’ll be alright.” (SOHH)

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