T.I.’s 11-Month Jail Bid “Axes” Endorsement Deal

T.I.’s 11-Month Jail Bid “Axes” Endorsement Deal

Grammy-winning rapper T.I. has officially been dropped from his AXE body spray campaign just days after being sentenced to 11 months behind bars on a probation violation.

A statement confirming the decision has also been released by AXE.

A rep for the company tells TMZ, “We will no longer feature T.I. in our promotional campaign” — a decision that comes one month after the company publicly stated it was “troubled” by T.I.’s recent arrest for drug possession. T.I. signed with AXE earlier this year … he’s already been removed from their website. (TMZ)

Last month, speculation developed which suggested T.I.’s relationship with AXE was on the outs.

T.I.’s ecstasy arrest has caused a serious stink with some of his sponsors — in fact, TMZ has learned the people behind AXE body spray are considering kicking the rapper to the curb. A rep for AXE tells TMZ they’re “troubled by [T.I.'s] arrest” and have been forced into “reviewing our promotional activities” with the rapper. Translation — it doesn’t look good for T.I. So far, T.I. is still featured on the company’s website but it smells like that could change at any moment. (TMZ)

The rapper began working with AXE earlier this year.

His professional relationship with the corporation came to fruition after T.I. promised to clean up his act after serving a bid for weapons possession. The company even enlisted him as its launch artist for their “One Night Only” concert series in NYC, which saw contemporaries such as Mary J. Blige, Keri Hilson and B.o.B joining the King of the South on stage. Tip is still featured on the AXE website, but it’s company may not have his back any longer. (Rap-Up)

Yesterday, T.I. spoke on dealing with his 11-month bid.

“After this, I will become a better person,” said Clifford Harris, the Atlanta rapper known as T.I. Resigned to spending another 11 months in federal prison, he spent part of this day acknowledging his own responsibility for his undoing. “I am not without flaw. One thing from my flaws that I have always done, I have accepted responsibility,” he said. Harris spoke on V-103 Monday. (11 Alive Atlanta News)

Check out T.I. at AXE’s One Night Only Show down below:

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