T.I. Reveals Losing Out On “Iron Man 3″ Movie Role

T.I. Reveals Losing Out On “Iron Man 3″ Movie Role

Grammy-winning rapper T.I. recently revealed how close he came to landing a role in the upcoming Robert Downey, Jr.-starring Iron Man 3 action flick.

According to Tip, he got considered for a role in the blockbuster franchise series but could not commit himself due to scheduling issues.

“I was being considered for this one film. Now that it’s over with, I can say it. Iron Man 3. I was being considered for Iron Man 3 and it wasn’t to be Iron Man, it was to be another character in the film but our schedules did not align and they had to do their little movie anyway,” Tip said in an interview. “I told them go on ahead, I didn’t want to get in their way. [laughs] But yeah man, I mean, I think my dream movie is an action-comedy. I want to do another Lethal Weapon or 48 Hours or Bad Boys. I want to do those types of movies.” (Rap-Up TV)

Cash Money’s Bow Wow ran into a similar situation during the production of last winter’s Red Tails.

In a recent radio interview rapper/actor Bow Wow talked about his upcoming projects and why he passed on George Lucas‘ highly buzzed historical drama “Red Tails.” “I got the script for ‘Red Tails’ and I was actually busy… I was busy,” Bow Wow told Mina SayWhat. “…You got to understand anytime you see any roles in Hollywood for young black men they ALL come to me. They ALL come to me.” He also tells Mina he plans to tour most of this year and that his next film, “Recalled,” is coming out in spring. (STL American)

Recently, Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah revealed his thoughts on the upcoming third Iron Man installment.

“It looks mean,” GFK said in reaction to the high-action clip where actor Robert Downey Jr. sees his oceanfront mansion blown up and his collection of Iron Man super-hero suits destroyed. “It looked live though. They blew his house up right? That was his crib? It looks live though, it looks like it’s gonna be some sh–,” Ghost said. (MTV)

A couple years ago, Tip credited Takers co-star Idris Elba for helping fine tune his acting skills.

And whilst working on the movie T.I. admits that he learnt a lot whilst working alongside The Wire actor Idris Elba. “Idris is a phenomenal talent, an outstanding man. I learned a lot from his methods of acting and we hit it off personally as well as professionally. “Everybody was humbled. Everybody was down to earth. I loved working with Idris as well as the rest of the crew.” (Female First)

Check out T.I.’s interview:

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