T.I. Punished For Ditching “Welcome Home” Post-Jail Party

T.I. Punished For Ditching “Welcome Home” Post-Jail Party

Grammy-winning rapper T.I. has reportedly been sued for ditching a scheduled “Welcome Back Party” event billed to take place last May in Alabama.

The rapper’s no-show cost a concert promoter around $340,000.

T.I. might be headed back to jail soon to serve an 11-month sentence, but he’s paying for more mistakes he made following his recent release from prison. A promoter named Carl D. Davis has filed suit against the King of the South in the United States District Court for the Southern Division of Alabama earlier this week, claiming that Tip cost him $340,000 after he canceled the appearances at a Welcome Home concert. (The Boom Box)

T.I.’s camp claimed he could not attend the event due to legal issues.

The event was on May 28 in Birmingham, but T.I. couldn’t make it because he was under home confinement. Davis didn’t hear that the rapper wouldn’t show until the last minute, after he had paid a fee of $50,000, which caused him to have a nervous breakdown. He’s suing T.I. for misrepresentation, promissory fraud, conspiracy, unjust enrichment, and breach of contract. (New York Mag)

By not attending the event, the plaintiff said he has endured multiple stresses.

Up until the last second, Davis thought he had a concert, but he says that word of T.I.’s no-show, plus his financial investment, led him to experience heavy stress, suffer chest pains, nausea, emotional distress and hospitalization. (ABC News)

In light of T.I. recently being sentenced to 11-months behind bars on a probation violation, the rapper lost a body spray endorsement deal.

A rep for the company tells TMZ, “We will no longer feature T.I. in our promotional campaign” — a decision that comes one month after the company publicly stated it was “troubled” by T.I.’s recent arrest for drug possession. T.I. signed with AXE earlier this year … he’s already been removed from their website. (TMZ)

Check out a recent T.I. interview down below:

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