T.I. Producer Says Keep Pimpin’, “I Want To Be Able To Play Drake When I’m Around My Mom & Grandmother”

T.I. Producer Says Keep Pimpin’, “I Want To Be Able To Play Drake When I’m Around My Mom & Grandmother”

With the new release of Grammy-winning rapper T.I.‘s “Pimp” track circulating online, SOHH decided to chat with producer Cavie about getting raunchy rap lyrics mainstream exposure.

Citing the connection of the pimp lifestyle associated with the song’s featured artists, Cavie said it felt great to get non-radio-friendly music buzzing again.

“By Pimp C being gone, by T.I. doing it, by Too Short and all of them being on the record together, they’re all associated with pimp [aliases],” Cavie told SOHH. “That is definitely a hip-hop classic and a great way to start off 2012 with the release of that record. It’s a breath of fresh air. It’s the raunchy-ness because hip-hop is so clean. It’s nothing wrong with it right now but there’s a lot of radio records on and it feels good to be able to go back and hear some raw stuff that you can’t play around your mom. [laughs]” (SOHH)

Cavie also said a balance of nasty and aggressive lines is needed in a world filled with “safe” records.

“We can wait to play Drake and all the good, clean stuff for that. It’s no disrespect but I feel good,” I think all hip-hop is needed. You need your raw sh*t, you need your clean sh*t. I want to be able to play Drake and certain people when I’m around my mom and grandmother, something sensitive to their ears. I can play hip-hop around my family that’s not hurting their ears but every now and again, I want to hop in the whip and hear ‘B*tch! F*ck this sh*t! F*ck the police.’ Even if you’re rich, everyone still has problems. To me, the anger in hip-hop is a way to vent your frustration without going out and doing something yourself.” (SOHH)

Recently, Cavie explained how “Pimp” came together.

“One of my old managers used to manage me, Gipp and Pimp C so he put us all together and it seemed like magic. He liked me a lot and that was the first and, unfortunately, the only track we were able to do. Pimp C heard the beat and was like, ‘Yo, I like that beat’. I told him T.I. had already bought it and since he liked it so much, he wanted to see if something could get worked out. Once I heard Pimp C go into the booth, it was legendary. As soon as I heard him say, “Sweeeet Jones,” I knew we got one. I started smiling. He really went in and just made it a classic record.” (SOHH Singled Out)

The track is off Tip’s F*ck Da City Up which dropped on New Year’s Eve.

After releasing the Young Jeezy-featured title track on his @TIP Twitter account a few hours early as a preview, T.I. dropped the star-studded F— Da City Up mixtape at midnight. The Atlanta rapper’s first project since leaving prison this fall sees him dropping hungry rhymes alongside the likes of Nelly, 2 Chainz, Future, Pusha T, and fellow Grand Hustle all-stars Young Dro and B.o.B, amongst others. (RapFix)

Check out T.I. & Pimp C’s “Pimp” below:

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