T.I. On Young Jeezy & DJ Drama Deading Beef, “People Look For Dramatic Events”

T.I. On Young Jeezy & DJ Drama Deading Beef, “People Look For Dramatic Events”

Grammy-winning rapper T.I. has given his reaction to former rap rivals Young Jeezy and DJ Drama putting aside their differences and retiring their past beef last year.

Despite being incarcerated during the time of the truce, T.I. said he was aware of the beef being squashed.

“I thought that was real big of both of them. I started the idea of them sitting down and speaking. We all sat down, but it seemed to unravel shortly thereafter. It was either Jeezy’s homeboys or Drama’s homeboys, or something Jeezy said, or something Drama said–maybe it was something said before the sitdown that came out after. I think it was just a matter of time. It’s only so many tickets you can sell to the feud. It’s only so long motherf*ckers even care about beef unless it escalates and escalates. Now, it’s in both parties’ interest to unite for the same reasons, like Jay and Nas. People look for dramatic events, and another dramatic event is when you get together.” (Complex)

Drama featured Jeezy on his radio show last December and spoke on reaching a truce.

“On my end its like even through everything, we weren’t speaking a lot, there was stuff in there. Then I realized we can agree to disagree,” DJ Drama said. “We are letting you know it’s bigger than us. We do what we do for yall. We are about to get so much more money, we are about to make so many more outlets for revenue for the city, for everybody to eat.” (Hot 107.9)

Jeezy took the opportunity to look at their past history together on the mixtape circuit.

“You know nobody can ever change this history we made, we made classics,” Jeezy said in the interview. “And besides that, we opened up a lane for a lot of these young cats to come into the game. I seen more trappin’ in in the industry now than I ever seen. I know we had a lot to do with this…I just want everyone to know, just by me and you sitting here talking, that’s what men do. Now it’s back to the money, it’s back to the business. I aint gonna lie, I was caught up in my feelings.” (Hot 107.9)

Tension between Drama and Jeezy’s camps was publicly displayed after the “Snowman” gave a controversial September 2009 XXL Magazine interview.

“Drama just started acting like a b*tch,” Jeezy said in an interview for the September issue of XXL Magazine. “Drama wanted to be Khaled, but he didn’t want to help nobody. He just changed, period. Look at his crew. The same n*ggas ain’t around him. You ain’t never been in no streets. I could never have no beef with a n*gga like that. He’s a cornball. You made millions off my mixtapes, to the point where the f*ckin’ feds scooped you up for bootlegging. I never even made the money he made off of Trap or Die or Tha Streets Iz Watchin, because they were selling and distributing them and making money…I’m not hating. But we will never do a mixtape together. I didn’t charge that nigga for [contributing a verse to the song “5000 Ones,” on Drama’s official Atlantic Records debut]. But then when I need [a tape for one of my artists], and you want to charge me $20,000? I’ll slap the sh*t out of Drama. He knows that. He wasn’t loyal. But me putting my hands on that man ain’t gonna make him respect what I’m saying. I’m just not gonna f*ck with him anymore.” (Karen Civil)

Check out Young Jeezy & DJ Drama calling a truce below:

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