T.I. On Losing His Gun Rights, “I Definitely Wish I Had My Second Amendment Right”

T.I. On Losing His Gun Rights, “I Definitely Wish I Had My Second Amendment Right”

Grammy-winning rapper T.I. recently discussed his experience serving a one-year prison sentence and explains why he wishes he had the right to bear arms on an upcoming Fuse TV interview.

During his interview with television personality Toure, T.I. gives explicit details about his prison experience.

“As long as there are other criminals out there who have them, then I definitely wish that I had my second amendment right,” T.I. said referring to his right to bear arms. “But you know I understand that I live in America and the law in America states that if you’re a felon, that you lose that second amendment right to bear arms. After I’m done with, you know what I’m saying, the conditions of my sentence, I’ll be able to vote…I didn’t go in there with the thought that I would be treated any differently, you know, any better. You know, I just went in there prepared to do what I had to do to get on back on up out of there…I’ve been to jail before, it was my first time in prison. Prison is for people, prison you actually be around people who been there for 10s, 15s, 20s of year. Jail is where you stay before you go to court you know for maybe 6, 8, 9 months, 12 months at a time.” (Hip Hop Press)

The television special will be broadcast on Tuesday, July 6th.

Fuse, Madison Square Garden’s national music television network, sits down with the self-proclaimed King of The South for “T.I: On The Record with Fuse.” Airing on Tuesday, July 6th at 8pm ET, Fuse host Toure goes one-on-one with the Southern emcee for a candid conversation touching on T.I.’s opinion of keeping it real, the difference between jail and prison, and how this conviction has affected his rights as an American citizen. (Press Release)

In a recent interview with XXL Magazine, T.I. denied snitching to help receive a lighter prison sentence.

“What people don’t take into consideration is the reason that I was eligible for certain agreements that they weren’t eligible for was because I made myself a useful member of society. Most muthaf*ckas catch cases and get time. My n*gga, you wasn’t doing sh*t when you was out here, so wasn’t no reason for them to keep you out here. Please understand the G code that I learned from, if you speak out your mouth that a muthaf*cka is telling on somebody and you can’t come with indisputable, irrefutable facts to support that statement, that makes you the sucker,” T.I. said. “You are now in violation of the G code. And there ain’t nobody, nowhere in naan jail sayin’ I was on they paperwork.” (XXL Magazine)

The rapper’s one-year jail bid stemmed from him being arrested on felony gun possession charges in 2007.

T.I. was sentenced in March 2009 on felony weapons charges arising from a 2007 arrest, when he was apprehended just before a scheduled appearance at the BET Hip-Hop Awards. The Atlanta rapper pleaded guilty in March 2008 and struck a plea deal: a sentence of a year and a day would be contingent upon the star paying a $100,000 fine and completing 1,500 hours of community service; 1,000 hours to be finished before entering prison and 500 after his release. Also, post-prison, T.I. agreed to submit to drug counseling, a curfew, random property searches, DNA testing and a yearlong home confinement, among other conditions of the deal. (MTV)

Check out a recent T.I. interview down below:

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